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STR_CERTIFICATE_NOT_VALIDATED The certificate could not be validated. Није могуће проверити сертификат
STR_VERSION Version Верзија
STR_SERIALNUM Serial Number Серијски број
STR_ISSUER Issuer Издавач
STR_VALIDFROM Valid From Исправно од
STR_VALIDTO Valid to Исправно до
STR_SUBJECT Subject Тема
STR_SUBJECT_PUBKEY_ALGO Subject Algorithm Алгоритам теме
STR_SUBJECT_PUBKEY_VAL Public Key Јавни кључ
STR_SIGNATURE_ALGO Signature Algorithm Алгоритам потписа
STR_USE Certificate Use Коришћење сертификата
STR_THUMBPRINT_SHA1 Thumbprint SHA1 SHA1 печат
STR_THUMBPRINT_MD5 Thumbprint MD5 MD5 печат
STR_XMLSECDLG_OLD_ODF_FORMAT This document contains signatures in ODF 1.1 ( 2.x) format. Signing documents in %PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION requires ODF 1.2 format version. Thus no signatures can be added or removed to this document.

Save document in ODF 1.2 format and add all desired signatures again.
STR_XMLSECDLG_QUERY_REMOVEDOCSIGNBEFORESIGN Adding or removing a macro signature will remove all document signatures.
Do you really want to continue?
STR_XMLSECDLG_QUERY_REALLYREMOVE Document signature cannot be restored, once removed.
Do you really want to remove selected signature?
STR_XMLSECDLG_SIGNING_FAILED An error occurred while adding the signature.
STR_XMLSECDLG_NO_CERT_MANAGER Could not find any certificate manager.
STR_XMLSECDLG_NO_CERT_FOUND Could not find the certificate. Не могу да нађем сертификат.
RID_XMLSECWB_NO_MOZILLA_PROFILE Digital signatures functionality could not be used, because no Mozilla user profile was found. Please check the Mozilla installation.
selectcertificatedialog|STR_DIGITAL_SIGNATURE Digital signature Електронски потписи
selectcertificatedialog|STR_NON_REPUDIATION Non-repudiation
selectcertificatedialog|STR_KEY_ENCIPHERMENT Key encipherment
selectcertificatedialog|STR_DATA_ENCIPHERMENT Data encipherment
selectcertificatedialog|STR_KEY_AGREEMENT Key Agreement
selectcertificatedialog|STR_KEY_CERT_SIGN Certificate signature verification
selectcertificatedialog|STR_CRL_SIGN CRL signature verification
selectcertificatedialog|STR_ENCIPHER_ONLY Only for encipherment
selectcertificatedialog|str_sign Sign Знаци


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