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RID_UUI_ERRHDL The operation executed on $(ARG1) was aborted. Die bewerking wat op $(ARG1) uitgevoer was, is gestaak.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Access to $(ARG1) was denied. Toegang tot $(ARG1) is geweier.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL $(ARG1) already exists. $(ARG1) bestaan reeds.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Target already exists. Teiken bestaan reeds.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL You are about to save/export a password protected BASIC library containing module(s)
which are too large to store in binary format. If you wish users that don't have access to the library password to be able to run macros in those module(s) you must split those modules into a number of smaller modules. Do you wish to continue to save/export this library?

You are about to load a very unusual sort of file ($(ARG2)) from the URL:


Are you certain that this file is a legacy document created many years ago?

U probeer om 'n baie ongewone lêer ($(ARG2)), te laai afkomstig van URL:


Is u seker dat hierdie lêer 'n ou dokument van jare gelede is?
RID_UUI_ERRHDL The data from $(ARG1) has an incorrect checksum. Die data uit $(ARG1) het 'n verkeerde kontrolesom.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL The object $(ARG1) cannot be created in directory $(ARG2). Die objek $(ARG1) kan nie in die gids $(ARG2) geskep word nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Data of $(ARG1) could not be read. Data van $(ARG1) kon nie gelees word nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL The seek operation on $(ARG1) could not be performed. Die soekbewerking in $(ARG1) kon nie uitgevoer word nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL The tell operation on $(ARG1) could not be performed. Die vertelbewerking in $(ARG1) kon nie uitgevoer word nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Data for $(ARG1) could not be written. Data vir $(ARG1) kon nie geskryf word nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Action impossible: $(ARG1) is the current directory. Aksie onmoontlik: $(ARG1) is die huidige gids.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL $(ARG1) is not ready. $(ARG1) is nie gereed nie.
RID_UUI_ERRHDL Action impossible: $(ARG1) and $(ARG2) are different devices (drives). Aksie onmoontlik: $(ARG1) en $(ARG2) is verskillende toestelle (aandrywers).
RID_UUI_ERRHDL General input/output error while accessing $(ARG1). Algemene toevoer-/afvoerfout by verkryging van toegang tot $(ARG1).


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