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Context English Armenian, Classical (Armenia) (xcl) Actions
conditionpage|filter 9th List Level
conditionpage|filter 10th List Level
conditionpage|label11 Options
contentcontroldlg|ContentControlDialog Content Control Properties
contentcontroldlg|showing_place_holder Content is placeholder text
contentcontroldlg|aliaslabel Title:
contentcontroldlg|taglabel Tag:
contentcontroldlg|checkboxcheckedlabel Checked character:
contentcontroldlg|checkboxuncheckedlabel Unchecked character:
contentcontroldlg|btncheckboxchecked Select...
contentcontroldlg|btncheckboxunchecked Select...
contentcontroldlg|lblcheckbox Check Box:
contentcontroldlg|displayname Display Name
contentcontroldlg|value Value
contentcontordlg|listitems List Items:
contentcontordlg|add Add
contentcontordlg|modify Modify
contentcontordlg|remove Remove
contentcontordlg|moveup Move Up
contentcontordlg|movedown Move Down
contentcontroldlg|lbldate Date Format:
contentcontrollistitemdlg|ContentControlListItemDialog Content Control List Item Properties
contentcontrollistitemdlg|lbdisplayname Display name:
contentcontrollistitemdlg|lbvalue Value:
converttexttable|ConvertTextTableDialog Convert Table to Text
converttexttable|tabs Tabs
converttexttable|extended_tip|tabs Converts the text to a table using tabs as column markers.
converttexttable|semicolons Semicolons
converttexttable|extended_tip|semicolons Converts the text to a table using semi-colons (;) as column markers.
converttexttable|paragraph Paragraph
converttexttable|extended_tip|paragraph Converts the text to a table using paragraphs as column markers.


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