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autotext|nameft Name:
autotext|shortnameft Shortcut:
autotext|extended_tip|name Displays the name of the selected AutoText category. To change the name of the category, type a new name, and then click Rename. To create a new category, type a name, and then click New.
autotext|extended_tip|shortname Displays the shortcut for the selected AutoText entry. If you are creating a new AutoText entry, type the shortcut that you want to use for the entry.
autotext|category-atkobject Category
autotext|example-atkobject Preview
autotext|extended_tip|AutoTextDialog Creates, edits, or inserts AutoText. You can store formatted text, text with graphics, tables, and fields as AutoText. To quickly insert AutoText, type the shortcut for the AutoText in your document, and then press F3.
bibliofragment|browse Browse...
bibliofragment|pagecb Page
bibliographyentry|BibliographyEntryDialog Insert Bibliography Entry
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|new Opens the Define Bibliography Entry dialog, where you can create a new bibliography record. This record is only stored in the document. To add a record to the bibliography database, choose Tools - Bibliography Database.
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|edit Opens the Define Bibliography Entry dialog where you can edit the selected bibliography record.
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|close Closes the dialog.
bibliographyentry|insert Insert
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|insert Inserts the bibliographic reference into the document. If you created a new record, you must also insert it as an entry, otherwise the record is lost when you close the document.
bibliographyentry|modify Apply
bibliographyentry|frombibliography Bibliography Database
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|frombibliography Inserts a reference from the bibliography database.
bibliographyentry|fromdocument Document Content
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|fromdocument Inserts a reference from the bibliography records that are stored in the current document.
bibliographyentry|label1 Bibliography Source
bibliographyentry|label2 Author
bibliographyentry|label3 Title
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|entrylb Select the short name of the bibliography record that you want to insert.
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|entryed Select the short name of the bibliography record that you want to insert.
bibliographyentry|label5 Short name
bibliographyentry|label4 Entry
bibliographyentry|extended_tip|BibliographyEntryDialog Inserts a bibliography reference.
bulletsandnumbering|BulletsAndNumberingDialog Bullets and Numbering
bulletsandnumbering|user _Remove
bulletsandnumbering|reset Reset


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