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RID_SW_ERRHDL File format error found at $(ARG1)(row,col). Error de format de fichièr a la posicion $(ARG1)(row,col).
RID_SW_ERRHDL This is not a valid WinWord97 file. Aqueste fichièr es pas un fichièr WinWord97 corrècte.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Format error discovered in the file in sub-document $(ARG1) at $(ARG2)(row,col). Error de format dins lo fichièr del sosdocument $(ARG1) a la posicion $(ARG2)(row,col).
RID_SW_ERRHDL Error writing file. Error al moment de l'escritura dins lo fichièr.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Wrong AutoText document version. La version del document AutoTèxte es incorrècta.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Error in writing sub-document $(ARG1). Error d'escritura dins lo sosdocument $(ARG1).
RID_SW_ERRHDL Internal error in %PRODUCTNAME Writer file format. Error intèrna dins lo format de fichièr %PRODUCTNAME Writer.
RID_SW_ERRHDL $(ARG1) has changed. $(ARG1) es estat modificat.
RID_SW_ERRHDL $(ARG1) does not exist. $(ARG1) existís pas.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Cells cannot be further split. Es pas possible de devesir mai las cellulas.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Additional columns cannot be inserted. Impossible d'inserir de colomnas suplementàrias.
RID_SW_ERRHDL The structure of a linked table cannot be modified. Impossible de modificar l'estructura d'un tablèu ligat.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Not all attributes could be read. D'unes atributs an pas pogut èsser legits.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Not all attributes could be recorded. D'unes atributs an pas pogut èsser enregistrats.
RID_SW_ERRHDL Document could not be completely saved. Impossible d'acabar l'enregistrament del document.
RID_SW_ERRHDL This HTML document contains Basic macros.
They were not saved with the current export settings.
flddocinfopage|liststore1 Author Autor
flddocinfopage|liststore1 Time Ora
flddocinfopage|liststore1 Date Data
flddocinfopage|liststore1 Date Time Author Data Ora Autor
fldrefpage|liststore1 Bookmarks Marcadors
fldrefpage|liststore1 Footnotes Nòtas de bas de pagina
fldrefpage|liststore1 Endnotes Nòta de fin de document
fldrefpage|liststore1 Headings Títols
fldrefpage|liststore1 Numbered Paragraphs Paragrafes numerotats
RID_CHAR_DIRECTFORMAT Character Direct Formatting Format dirèct de caractèrs
RID_PARA_DIRECTFORMAT Paragraph Direct Formatting Format dirèct dels paragrafes
RID_ATTRIBUTE_NAMES_MAP Border Distance Distància de la bordadura
RID_ATTRIBUTE_NAMES_MAP Inner Line Width Largor de linha interiora
RID_ATTRIBUTE_NAMES_MAP Line Distance Distància entre las linhas


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