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Context English Galician Actions
conditionpage|filter 4th List Level 4.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 5th List Level 5.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 6th List Level 6.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 7th List Level 7.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 8th List Level 8.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 9th List Level 9.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|filter 10th List Level 10.º nivel de lista
conditionpage|label11 Options Opcións
contentcontroldlg|ContentControlDialog Content Control Properties Propiedades de control de contido
contentcontroldlg|showing_place_holder Content is placeholder text O contido é o texto do marcador de posición
contentcontroldlg|checkboxcheckedlabel Checked character: Carácter marcado:
contentcontroldlg|checkboxuncheckedlabel Unchecked character: Carácter sen marcar:
contentcontroldlg|btncheckboxchecked Select... Seleccionar...
contentcontroldlg|btncheckboxunchecked Select... Seleccionar...
contentcontroldlg|lblcheckbox Check Box: Caixa de selección:
contentcontroldlg|displayname Display Name Nome mostrado
contentcontroldlg|value Value Valor
contentcontordlg|listitems List Items: Elementos da lista:
contentcontordlg|add Add Engadir
contentcontordlg|modify Modify Modificar
contentcontordlg|remove Remove Retirar
contentcontordlg|moveup Move Up Subir
contentcontordlg|movedown Move Down Baixar
contentcontroldlg|lbldate Date Format: Formato de data:
contentcontrollistitemdlg|ContentControlListItemDialog Content Control List Item Properties Propiedades do elemento de lista do control de contido
contentcontrollistitemdlg|lbdisplayname Display name: Nome mostrado:
contentcontrollistitemdlg|lbvalue Value: Valor:
converttexttable|ConvertTextTableDialog Convert Table to Text Converter táboa en texto
converttexttable|tabs Tabs Tabuladores
converttexttable|extended_tip|tabs Converts the text to a table using tabs as column markers. converte o texto nunha táboa utilizando guías como marcadores de columnas.
converttexttable|semicolons Semicolons Puntos e coma
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Needs editing LibreOffice UI - master/sw/messages
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office Nome mostradoPresentar nome
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sw/messages


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