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exchangedatabases|define Define
exchangedatabases|label5 Databases in Use
exchangedatabases|label6 _Available Databases
exchangedatabases|browse Browse...
exchangedatabases|extended_tip|browse Opens a file open dialog to select a database file (*.odb). The selected file is added to the Available Databases list.
exchangedatabases|label7 Use this dialog to replace the databases you access in your document via database fields, with other databases. You can only make one change at a time. Multiple selection is possible in the list on the left.
Use the browse button to select a database file.
exchangedatabases|extended_tip|inuselb Lists the databases that are currently in use.
exchangedatabases|extended_tip|availablelb Lists the databases that are registered in Writer.
exchangedatabases|label1 Exchange Databases
exchangedatabases|label2 Database applied to document:
exchangedatabases|extended_tip|ExchangeDatabasesDialog Change the data sources for the current document.
fielddialog|FieldDialog Fields
fielddialog|ok _Insert
fielddialog|extended_tip|ok Inserts the selected field at the current cursor position in the document. To close the dialog, click the Close button.
fielddialog|extended_tip|cancel Closes the dialog.
fielddialog|document Document
fielddialog|ref Cross-references
fielddialog|functions Functions
fielddialog|docinfo DocInformation
fielddialog|variables Variables
fielddialog|database Database
fielddialog|extended_tip|FieldDialog Inserts a field at the current cursor position.
findentrydialog|find _Find
findentrydialog|extended_tip|find Displays the next record that contains the search text.
findentrydialog|label1 F_ind
findentrydialog|extended_tip|entry Enter the search term.
findentrydialog|findin Find _only in
findentrydialog|extended_tip|findin Restricts the search to one data field.
findentrydialog|extended_tip|area Select the data field where you want to search for the text.
findentrydialog|extended_tip|FindEntryDialog Searches for a record or recipient in the mail merge address list.
flddbpage|extended_tip|type Lists the available field types. To add a field to your document, click a field type, click a field in the Select list, and then click Insert.


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