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attachnamedialog|textbuffer1 You did not specify a new name for the attachment.
attachnamedialog|textbuffer2 If you would like to provide one, please type it now.
attachnamedialog|label1 Name:
authenticationsettingsdialog|AuthenticationSettingsDialog Server Authentication
authenticationsettingsdialog|authentication The outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires au_thentication
extended_tip|authentication Enables the authentication that is required to send email by SMTP.
authenticationsettingsdialog|separateauthentication The outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires _separate authentication
extended_tip|separateauthentication Select if your SMTP server requires a user name and password.
authenticationsettingsdialog|label1 Outgoing mail server:
extended_tip|username Enter the user name for the SMTP server.
authenticationsettingsdialog|username_label _User name:
extended_tip|outpassword Enter the password for the user name.
authenticationsettingsdialog|outpassword_label _Password:
authenticationsettingsdialog|smtpafterpop The outgoing mail server uses the same authentication as the _incoming mail server
extended_tip|smtpafterpop Select if you are required to first read your email before you can send email.
authenticationsettingsdialog|label2 Incoming mail server:
extended_tip|server Enter the server name of your POP 3 or IMAP mail server.
authenticationsettingsdialog|server_label Server _name:
extended_tip|port Enter the port on the POP3 or IMAP server.
authenticationsettingsdialog|port_label P_ort:
authenticationsettingsdialog|label3 Type:
authenticationsettingsdialog|pop3 _POP3
extended_tip|pop3 Specifies that the incoming mail server uses POP 3.
authenticationsettingsdialog|imap _IMAP
extended_tip|imap Specifies that the incoming mail server uses IMAP.
extended_tip|inusername Enter the user name for the IMAP server.
extended_tip|inpassword Enter the password.
authenticationsettingsdialog|inusername_label Us_er name:
authenticationsettingsdialog|inpassword_label Pass_word:
autoformattable|AutoFormatTableDialog AutoFormat
autoformattable|extended_tip|cancel Closes dialog and discards all changes.


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