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envformatpage|extended_tip|format Select the envelope size that you want, or select "User Defined", and then enter the width and the height of the custom size.
envformatpage|preview-atkobject Preview
envformatpage|label3 Size
envformatpage|extended_tip|EnvFormatPage Specifies the layout and the dimension of the envelope.
envprinterpage|top _Print from top
envprinterpage|extended_tip|top Feeds the envelope with the print side face up in the printer tray.
envprinterpage|bottom Print from _bottom
envprinterpage|extended_tip|bottom Feeds the envelope with the print side face down in the printer tray.
envprinterpage|label3 _Shift right
envprinterpage|label4 Shift _down
envprinterpage|extended_tip|right Enter the amount to shift the print area to the right.
envprinterpage|extended_tip|down Enter the amount to shift the print area down.
envprinterpage|horileftl|tooltip_text Horizontal Left
envprinterpage|horicenterl|tooltip_text Horizontal Center
envprinterpage|horirightl|tooltip_text Horizontal Right
envprinterpage|vertleftl|tooltip_text Vertical Left
envprinterpage|vertcenterl|tooltip_text Vertical Center
envprinterpage|vertrightl|tooltip_text Vertical Right
envprinterpage|horileftu|tooltip_text Horizontal Left
envprinterpage|horicenteru|tooltip_text Horizontal Center
envprinterpage|horirightu|tooltip_text Horizontal Right
envprinterpage|vertleftu|tooltip_text Vertical Left
envprinterpage|vertcenteru|tooltip_text Vertical Center
envprinterpage|vertrightu|tooltip_text Vertical Right
envprinterpage|label1 Envelope Orientation
envprinterpage|setup Setup...
envprinterpage|extended_tip|setup Opens the Printer Setup dialog where you can define additional printer settings, such as paper format and orientation.
envprinterpage|printername Printer Name
envprinterpage|label2 Current Printer
envprinterpage|extended_tip|EnvPrinterPage Set the print options for the envelope.
exchangedatabases|ExchangeDatabasesDialog Exchange Databases
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