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extended_tip|leftpages Specifies whether to print all left (even numbered) pages of the document.
printoptionspage|rightpages _Right pages
extended_tip|rightpages Specifies whether to print all right (odd numbered) pages of the document.
printoptionspage|brochure Broch_ure
extended_tip|brochure Select the Brochure option to print your document in brochure format.
printoptionspage|rtl Right to Left
extended_tip|rtl Check to print the pages of the brochure in the correct order for a right-to-left script.
printoptionspage|label10 Pages
printoptionspage|none _None
printoptionspage|extended_tip|none Do not print document comments.
printoptionspage|only Comments _only
printoptionspage|extended_tip|only Only print the comments of your document.
printoptionspage|end End of docu_ment
printoptionspage|extended_tip|end Print comments on a new page at end of the document.
printoptionspage|endpage _End of page
extended_tip|endpage Print comments on a new page after the current page.
printoptionspage|inmargins In margins
printoptionspage|extended_tip|inmargins Include the comments boxes on the margin of the page. The page contents is rendered to fit both contents and the comments boxes.
printoptionspage|4 Comments
printoptionspage|label5 _Fax:
extended_tip|label5 If you have installed fax software on your computer and wish to fax directly from the text document, select the desired fax machine.
extended_tip|fax If you have installed fax software on your computer and wish to fax directly from the text document, select the desired fax machine.
printoptionspage|blankpages Print _automatically inserted blank pages
extended_tip|blankpages If this option is enabled, automatically-inserted blank pages are being printed. This is best if you are printing double-sided. For example, in a book, a "chapter" paragraph style has been set to always start with an odd numbered page. If the previous chapter ends on an odd page, Writer inserts an even numbered blank page. This option controls whether to print that even numbered page or not.
printoptionspage|papertray _Paper tray from printer settings
extended_tip|papertray For printers with multiple trays, the "Paper tray from printer settings" option specifies whether the paper tray used is specified by the system settings of the printer.
printoptionspage|label1 Other
extended_tip|PrintOptionsPage Specifies print settings within a text or HTML document.
privateuserpage|nameft First/last _name/initials:
privateuserpage|streetft _Street:
privateuserpage|countryft Co_untry/state:


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