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autoformattable|extended_tip|fontcb Includes font formatting in the selected table style.
autoformattable|patterncb Pattern
autoformattable|extended_tip|patterncb Includes background styles in the selected table style.
autoformattable|alignmentcb Alignment
autoformattable|extended_tip|alignmentcb Includes alignment settings in the selected table style.
autoformattable|label2 Formatting
autoformattable|extended_tip|AutoFormatTableDialog Automatically applies formats to the current table, including fonts, shading, and borders.
autotext|new _New
autotext|extended_tip|new Creates a new AutoText category using the name that you entered in the Name box.
autotext|newtext New (text only)
autotext|extended_tip|newtext Creates a new AutoText entry only from the text in the selection that you made in the current document. Graphics, tables and other objects are not included. You must first enter a name before you see this command.
autotext|copy _Copy
autotext|extended_tip|copy Copies the selected AutoText to the clipboard.
autotext|replace Replace
autotext|extended_tip|replace Replaces the contents of the selected AutoText entry with the selection that was made in the current document.
autotext|replacetext Rep_lace (text only)
autotext|rename Rename...
autotext|extended_tip|rename Changes the name of the selected AutoText category to the name that you enter in the Name box.
autotext|delete _Delete
autotext|edit _Edit
autotext|extended_tip|edit Opens the selected AutoText entry for editing in a separate document. Make the changes that you want, choose File - Save AutoText, and then choose File - Close.
autotext|macro _Macro...
autotext|extended_tip|macro Opens the Assign Macro dialog, where you attach a macro to the selected AutoText entry.
autotext|import _Import...
autotext|extended_tip|import Opens a dialog where you can select the 97/2000/XP Word document or template, containing the AutoText entries that you want to import.
autotext|AutoTextDialog AutoText
autotext|autotext AutoTe_xt
autotext|extended_tip|autotext Click to display additional AutoText commands, for example, to create a new AutoText entry from a text selection in the current document.
autotext|categories Cat_egories...
autotext|extended_tip|categories Adds, renames, or deletes AutoText categories.
autotext|path _Path...


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