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annotationmenu|deleteby Delete _All Comments by $1 _ሁሉንም አስተያየቶች ማጥፊያ በ $1
annotationmenu|deleteall _Delete All Comments ሁሉንም አስተያየቶች _ማጥፊያ
annotationmenu|formatall Format All Comments... የ ሁሉም አስተያየቶች አቀራረብ...
asciifilterdialog|AsciiFilterDialog ASCII Filter Options ASCII Filter Options
asciifilterdialog|label2 _Character set: _ባህሪ ማሰናጃ:
asciifilterdialog|fontft Default fonts: ነባር ፊደሎች:
asciifilterdialog|languageft Lan_guage: ቋን_ቋ:
asciifilterdialog|label5 _Paragraph break: የ _አንቀጽ መጨረሻ:
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|charset Specifies the character set of the file for export or import. የ ባህሪ ማሰናጃ መግለጫ ለ ፋይል ማምጫ ወይንም መላኪያ
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|font By setting a default font, you specify that the text should be displayed in a specific font. The default fonts can only be selected when importing. ነባር ፊደል በ ማሰናዳት: እርስዎ መወሰን ይችላሉ ጽሁፍ የሚታይበትን በ ተወሰነ ፊደል ውስጥ: ነባር ፊደል መምረጥ የሚቻለው በሚያመጡ ጊዜ ብቻ ነው
asciifilterdialog|crlf _CR & LF _CR & LF
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|crlf Produces a "Carriage Return" and a "Linefeed". This option is the default. ይፈጥራል "አዲስ መስመር" እና የ "መስመር መቀለቢያ": ይህ ነባር ምርጫ ነው
asciifilterdialog|cr C_R C_R
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|cr Produces a "Carriage Return" as the paragraph break. ይፈጥራል "አዲስ መስመር" እንደ የ አንቀጽ መጨረሻ
asciifilterdialog|lf _LF _LF
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|lf Produces a "Linefeed" as the paragraph break. ይፈጥራል "መስመር መቀለቢያ" እንደ የ አንቀጽ መጨረሻ
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|language Specifies the language of the text, if this has not already been defined. This setting is only available when importing. የ ጽሁፍ ቋንቋ መወሰኛ: ይህ በ ቅድሚያ ካልተገለጸ: ይህ ማሰናጃ ዝግጁ የሚሆነው በሚያመጡ ጊዜ ብቻ ነው
asciifilterdialog|includebom Include byte-order mark
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|includebom For Unicode character set only, a byte order mark (BOM) is a sequence of bytes used to indicate Unicode encoding of a text file.
asciifilterdialog|label1 Properties ባህሪዎች
asksearchdialog|AskSearchDialog To proceed with this action, you must first turn off the "undo" function. Do you want to turn off the "undo" function? ይህን ተግባር ለ መቀጠል በ መጀመሪያ የ "መተው" ተግባርን ማጥፋት ያስፈልጋል: የ "መተው" ተግባርን አሁን ማጥፋት ይፈልጋሉ?
assignfieldsdialog|AssignFieldsDialog Match Fields ተመሳሳይ ሜዳዎች
assignfieldsdialog|MATCHING_LABEL Assign the fields from your data source to match the address elements. ሜዳዎችን መመደቢያ ከ እርስዎ የዳታ ምንጭ አድራሻ አካላት ጋር እንዲስማሙ
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|FIELDS Select a field name in your database for each logical address element. ይምረጡ የ ሜዳ ስም ለ እርስዎ ዳታቤዝ ለ እያንዳንዱ ሜዳ ሎጂካል አካል
assignfieldsdialog|ST_ADDRESSELEMENT Address elements የ አድራሻ አካሎች
assignfieldsdialog|ST_PREVIEW Preview ቅድመ እይታ
assignfieldsdialog|ST_MATCHESTO Matches to field ወደ ሜዳው ተመሳስሏል
assignfieldsdialog|PREVIEW_LABEL Address block preview የ አድራሻ መከልከያ ቅድመ እይታ
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|PREVIEW Displays a preview of the values of the first data record. ዋጋዎች ለ መጀመሪያው የ ዳታ መዝገብ ቅድመ እይታ ማሳያ
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|AssignFieldsDialog Matches the logical field names of the layout dialog to the field names in your database when you create new address blocks or salutations. ተመሳሳይ የ ሎጂካል ሜዳ ስሞች ለ እቅድ ንግግር ለ ሜዳ ስሞች በ እርስዎ ዳታቤዝ ውስጥ እርስዎ በሚፈጥሩ ጊዜ አዲስ አድራሻ መከልከያ ወይንም ሰላምታዎች
assignstylesdialog|AssignStylesDialog Assign Styles ዘዴዎች መመደቢያ


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