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tocindexpage|extended_tip|numberentries Automatically numbers the bibliography entries. Outomatiese numering van die bibliografie items.
tocindexpage|brackets [none] [geen]
tocindexpage|brackets [] []
tocindexpage|brackets () ()
tocindexpage|brackets {} {}
tocindexpage|brackets <> <>
tocindexpage|extended_tip|brackets Select the brackets that you want to enclose bibliography entries. Kies die hakies wat u wil gebruik in bibliografie items.
tocindexpage|label7 Formatting of the Entries Formaat van inskrywings
tocindexpage|combinesame Combine identical entries Kombineer identiese inskrywings
tocindexpage|extended_tip|combinesame Replaces identical index entries with a single entry that lists the page numbers where the entry occurs in the document. For example, the entries "View 10, View 43" are combined as "View 10, 43". Vervang identiese indeks-inskrywings met 'n enkele inskrywing wat die nommers bevat van alle bladsye waarop die inskrywing in die dokument verskyn. Die inskrywings "Sien 10" en "Sien 43" word byvoorbeeld gekombineer as "Sien 10, 43".
tocindexpage|useff Combine identical entries with f. or _ff. Voeg saam met _f. of ff.
tocindexpage|extended_tip|useff Replaces identical index entries that occur on the directly following page(s), with a single entry that lists the first page number and a "f" or "ff". For example, the entries "View 10, View 11" are combined as "View 10f", and "View 10, View 11, View 12" as "View 10ff". Actual appearance depends on the locale setting, but can be overridden with Sort - Language. Vervang identiese indeks-inskrywings wat verskyn op direk opeenvolgende bladsy(e), met 'n inskrywing wat lys die eerste bladsynommer en 'n "f" of "ff". By voorbeeld die inskrywings "Sien 10" en "Sien11" word as "Sien 10f", en "Sien 10,Sien 11, Sien 12" as "Sien 10ff". Die werklikeformaat hang af van die lokale instelling, maar kan met "Sort→Language" vervang word.
tocindexpage|usedash Combine with - Kombineer met -
tocindexpage|extended_tip|usedash Replaces identical index entries that occur on consecutive pages with a single entry and the page range where the entry occurs. For example, the entries "View 10, View 11, View 12" are combined as "View 10-12". Vervang identiese indeks-inskrywings op opeenvolgende bladsye met 'n enkele inskrywing met die reeks bladsye waarop die inskrywing verskyn. Die inskrywings "Sien 10", "Sien 11" en "Sien 12" word byvoorbeeld gekombineer as "Sien 10-12".
tocindexpage|casesens Case sensitive Kassensitief
tocindexpage|extended_tip|casesens Distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters in otherwise identical index entries. For Asian languages special handling applies.
tocindexpage|initcaps AutoCapitalize entries Outomatiese hoofletter invoeging
tocindexpage|extended_tip|initcaps Automatically capitalizes the first letter of an index entry. Maak die eerste letter van 'n indeks inskrywing outomaties groot.
tocindexpage|keyasentry Keys as separate entries Elke sleutel ’n aparte inskrywing
tocindexpage|extended_tip|keyasentry Inserts index keys as separate index entries. Voeg indeks-sleutels in as aparte indeks-inskrywings.
tocindexpage|fromfile _Concordance file _Konkordansielêer
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromfile Automatically marks index entries using a concordance file - a list of words to include in an index. Met hierdie opsie word die indeks-inskrywings outomaties gemerk met behulp van 'n konkordansie lêer - 'n lys woorde wat in 'n indeks opgeneem moet word.
tocindexpage|file _File _Lêer
tocindexpage|extended_tip|file Select, create, or edit a concordance file. Selekteer, skep of wysig 'n konkordansie-lêer.
tocindexpage|label5 Options Opsies
tocindexpage|mainstyleft3 Language: Taal:
tocindexpage|extended_tip|lang Select the language rules to use for sorting the index entries. Selekteer die taalreëls waarvolgens indeks items gesorteer moet word.
tocindexpage|mainstyleft5 Key type: Sleuteltipe:
tocindexpage|extended_tip|keytype Select numeric when you want to sort numbers by value, such as in 1, 2, 12. Select alphanumeric, when you want to sort the numbers by character code, such as in 1, 12, 2. Selekteer "numeries" wanneer u nommers volgens waarde wil sorteer, soos in 1, 2, 12. Selekteer "alfanumeries", wanneer u die nommers volgens karakter-kode wil sorteer, soos in 1, 12, 2.
tocindexpage|label4 Sort Sorteer
tocstylespage|label1 _Levels V_lakke


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