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Context English Afrikaans Actions
printoptionspage|background Page ba_ckground ~Bladsyagtergrond
printoptionspage|extended_tip|background Specifies whether to include colors and objects that are inserted to the background of the page style (Format - Page Style - Area) in the printed document.
printoptionspage|inblack Print text in blac_k Druk te_ks in swart
extended_tip|inblack Specifies whether to always print text in black. Spesifiseer dat teks altyd in swart gedruk moet word.
printoptionspage|hiddentext Hidden te_xt Verstee_kte teks
extended_tip|hiddentext Enable this option to print text that is marked as hidden. Aktiveer die opsie dat teks gemerk as versteek, gedruk moet word.
printoptionspage|textplaceholder Text _placeholder _Plekhouers vir teks
extended_tip|textplaceholder Enable this option to print text placeholders. Disable this option to leave the text placeholders blank in the printout. Aktiveer hierdie opsie om teksplekhouers te druk. Deaktiveer hierdie opsie om teks-plekhouers in die uitdruk te onderdruk.
printoptionspage|label2 Contents Inhoud
printoptionspage|leftpages _Left pages _Linkerbladsye
extended_tip|leftpages Specifies whether to print all left (even numbered) pages of the document. Spesifiseer dat alle linker (ewe genommerde) bladsye van die dokument gedruk moet word.
printoptionspage|rightpages _Right pages _Regterbladsye
extended_tip|rightpages Specifies whether to print all right (odd numbered) pages of the document. Spesifiseer dat die regter (onewe) bladsye van die dokument gedruk word.
printoptionspage|brochure Broch_ure Brosj_ure
extended_tip|brochure Select the Brochure option to print your document in brochure format. Spesifiseer die Brosjure Opsie dat die dokument as 'n brosjure gedruk word.
printoptionspage|rtl Right to Left Regs na links
extended_tip|rtl Check to print the pages of the brochure in the correct order for a right-to-left script. Aktiveer hierdie opsie om die bladsye van die brosjure in die regte volgorde vir die skryf van regs na links te druk.
printoptionspage|label10 Pages Bladsye
printoptionspage|none _None Gee_n
printoptionspage|extended_tip|none Do not print document comments.
printoptionspage|only Comments _only Net _opmerkings
printoptionspage|extended_tip|only Only print the comments of your document.
printoptionspage|end End of docu_ment Einde van doku_ment
printoptionspage|extended_tip|end Print comments on a new page at end of the document.
printoptionspage|endpage _End of page _Einde van bladsy
extended_tip|endpage Print comments on a new page after the current page.
printoptionspage|inmargins In margins In kantlyne
printoptionspage|extended_tip|inmargins Include the comments boxes on the margin of the page. The page contents is rendered to fit both contents and the comments boxes.
printoptionspage|4 Comments Opmerkings
printoptionspage|label5 _Fax: _Faks:
extended_tip|label5 If you have installed fax software on your computer and wish to fax directly from the text document, select the desired fax machine. As u faks sagteware geïnstalleer het en die teksdokument direk wil faks, kies die faksdrukker hier.
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