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colsmenu|column Column... Kolumn...
compressgraphicdialog|CompressGraphicDialog Compress Image Komprimera bild
compressgraphicdialog|radio-jpeg JPEG Quality JPEG-kvalitet
compressgraphicdialog|radio-jpeg|tooltip_text Lossy compression Förlorande komprimering
compressgraphicdialog|radio-lossless PNG Compression PNG-komprimering
compressgraphicdialog|radio-lossless|tooltip_text Lossless compression Förlustfri komprimering
compressgraphicdialog|label2 Compression Komprimering
compressgraphicdialog|checkbox-reduce-resolution Reduce image resolution to: Minska bildupplösningen till:
compressgraphicdialog|label3 Width: Bredd:
compressgraphicdialog|label4 Height: Höjd:
compressgraphicdialog|label5 Resolution: Upplösning:
compressgraphicdialog|label12 Interpolation: Interpolering:
compressgraphicdialog|interpolation-method-store None Ingen
compressgraphicdialog|interpolation-method-store Bilinear Bilinjär
compressgraphicdialog|interpolation-method-store Bicubic Bikubisk
compressgraphicdialog|interpolation-method-store Lanczos Lanczos
compressgraphicdialog|label13 px px
compressgraphicdialog|label14 px px
compressgraphicdialog|label16 DPI DPI
compressgraphicdialog|label22 Resolution Upplösning
compressgraphicdialog|label15 Type: Typ:
compressgraphicdialog|label7 Actual dimensions: Faktiska dimensioner:
compressgraphicdialog|label8 Apparent dimensions: Synliga dimensioner:
compressgraphicdialog|label9 Image size: Bildstorlek:
compressgraphicdialog|calculate Calculate New Size: Beräkna ny storlek:
compressgraphicdialog|label1 Image Information Bildinformation
crashreportdlg|ed_post The crash report was successfully uploaded.
You can soon find the report at:
Kraschrapporten laddades upp.
Du hittar rapporten snart på:
crashreportdlg|ed_bugreport Please check the report and if no bug report is connected to the crash report yet, open a new bug report at
Add detailed instructions on how to reproduce the crash and the shown crash ID into the crash report field.
Thank you for your help in improving %PRODUCTNAME.
Granska rapporten och om det inte finns någon buggrapport som går att knyta till kraschrapporten, öppna en ny buggrapport på
Lägg till detaljerade instruktioner hur man kan återskapa kraschen och angivet crash ID i kraschrapportfältet.
Tack för att du hjälper till att förbättra %PRODUCTNAME.
crashreportdlg|CrashReportDialog Crash Report Felrapport
crashreportdlg|btn_send _Send Crash Report _Skicka felrapport
crashreportdlg|btn_cancel Do _Not Send Skicka i_nte


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User avatar SteenRønnow

Resolved comment

This term seems too specific to me: should it be 'Lanczoz interpolation/ed'? -- Or is this term explained from the context on screen?

2 years ago
User avatar Mihkel

Resolved comment

It is one of the entries in the "Interpolation" dropdown.

2 years ago

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