English WCs3M
Context English Swedish Actions
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT69 Green Gradient Grön övertoning
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT70 Pastel Bouquet Pastellbukett
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT71 Pastel Dream Pasteldröm
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT72 Blue Touch Blå ton
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT73 Blank with Gray Gråblank
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT74 Spotted Gray Gråprickig
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT75 London Mist Londondimma
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT76 Teal to Blue Blågrönt till blått
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT77 Midnight Midnatt
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT78 Deep Ocean Djuphav
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT79 Submarine U-båt
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT80 Green Grass Grönt gräs
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT81 Neon Light Neonljus
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT82 Sunshine Solsken
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT83 Present Present
RID_SVXSTR_GRDT84 Mahogany Mahogny
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH0 Black 0 Degrees Svart 0 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH1 Black 90 Degrees Svart 90 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH2 Black 180 Degrees Crossed Svart 180 grader korsad
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH3 Blue 45 Degrees Blå 45 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH4 Blue -45 Degrees Blå -45 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH5 Blue 45 Degrees Crossed Blå 45 grader korsad
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH6 Green 30 Degrees Grön 30 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH7 Green 60 Degrees Grön 60 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH8 Green 90 Degrees Triple Grön 90 grader trippel
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH9 Red 45 Degrees Röd 45 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH10 Red 90 Degrees Crossed Röd 90 grader korsad
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH11 Red -45 Degrees Triple Röd -45 grader trippel
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH12 Yellow 45 Degrees Gul 45 grader
RID_SVXSTR_HATCH13 Yellow 45 Degrees Crossed Gul 45 grader korsad
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated LibreOffice UI - master/svx/messages
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/reportdesign/messages PresentFinns
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/reportdesign/messages PresentFinns


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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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sv/svx/messages.po, string 748