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Context English Frisian Actions
STR_ObjNameSingulRECTRND Rounded rectangle Ofrûne rjochthoeke
STR_ObjNamePluralRECTRND Rounded Rectangles Ofrûne rjochthoeken
STR_ObjNameSingulQUADRND rounded square Ofrûne fjouwerkant
STR_ObjNamePluralQUADRND Rounded Squares Ofrûne fjouwerkant
STR_ObjNameSingulPARALRND Rounded Parallelogram Ofrûne parallellogram
STR_ObjNamePluralPARALRND Rounded parallelograms Ofrûne parallellogrammen
STR_ObjNameSingulCIRC Circle Sirkel
STR_ObjNamePluralCIRC Circles Sirkels
STR_ObjNameSingulSECT Circle sector Sirkel sektor
STR_ObjNamePluralSECT Circle sectors Sirkel sektoren
STR_ObjNameSingulCARC Arc Bôge
STR_ObjNamePluralCARC Arcs Bôge
STR_ObjNameSingulCCUT Circle segment Sirkel segmint
STR_ObjNamePluralCCUT Circle segments Sirkel segminten
STR_ObjNameSingulCIRCE Ellipse Ellips
STR_ObjNamePluralCIRCE Ellipses Ellipsen
STR_ObjNameSingulSECTE Ellipse Pie Ellips sektor
STR_ObjNamePluralSECTE Ellipse Pies Ellips sektoren
STR_ObjNameSingulCARCE Elliptical arc Ellips bôge
STR_ObjNamePluralCARCE Elliptical arcs Ellips bôgen
STR_ObjNameSingulCCUTE Ellipse Segment Ellips segmint
STR_ObjNamePluralCCUTE Ellipse Segments Ellips segminten
STR_ObjNameSingulPOLY Polygon Polygoan
STR_ObjNameSingulPOLY_PointCount Polygon %2 corners Polygoan %2 hoeken
STR_ObjNamePluralPOLY Polygons Polygoanen
STR_ObjNameSingulPLIN Polyline Polyline
STR_ObjNameSingulPLIN_PointCount Polyline with %2 corners Polyline mei %2 hoeken
STR_ObjNamePluralPLIN Polylines Polylinen
STR_ObjNameSingulPATHLINE Bézier curve Bézier bôge
STR_ObjNamePluralPATHLINE Bézier curves Bézier bôgen
STR_ObjNameSingulPATHFILL Bézier curve Bézier bôge


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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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fy/svx/messages.po, string 34