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Context English Frisian Actions
textunderlinecontrol|dot|tooltip_text Dotted Stippele
textunderlinecontrol|dotbold|tooltip_text Dotted (Bold) Stippele (fet)
textunderlinecontrol|dash|tooltip_text Dash Streek
textunderlinecontrol|dashlong|tooltip_text Long Dash Lange streek
textunderlinecontrol|dashdot|tooltip_text Dot Dash Punt streek
textunderlinecontrol|dashdotdot|tooltip_text Dot Dot Dash Punt punt streek
textunderlinecontrol|wave|tooltip_text Wave Golf
textunderlinecontrol|moreoptions _More Options... _Mear opsjes...
xformspage|TBI_ITEM_ADD Add Item Item taheakje
xformspage|TBI_ITEM_ADD_ELEMENT Add Element Elemint taheakje
xformspage|TBI_ITEM_ADD_ATTRIBUTE Add Attribute Attribút taheakje
xformspage|TBI_ITEM_EDIT Edit Bewurkje
xformspage|TBI_ITEM_REMOVE Delete Wiskje
xformspage|extended_tip|toolbar Specifies the data structure of the current XForms document.
xmlsecstatmenu|signatures Digital Signatures... Digitale ûndertekeningen...
zoommenu|page Entire Page Hiele side
zoommenu|extended_tip|page Displays the entire page on your screen.
zoommenu|width Page Width Side breedte
zoommenu|extended_tip|width Displays the complete width of the document page. The top and bottom edges of the page may not be visible.
zoommenu|optimal Optimal View Optimale werjefte
zoommenu|extended_tip|optimal Resizes the display to fit the width of the text in the document at the moment the command is started.
zoommenu|50 50% 50%
zoommenu|75 75% 75%
zoommenu|100 100% 100%
zoommenu|extended_tip|100 Displays the document at its actual size.
zoommenu|150 150% 150%
zoommenu|200 200% 200%
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Translated LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/svx/messages


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