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classificationdialog|label-Classification Recently Used: Viimati kasutatud:
classificationdialog|extended_tip|recentlyUsedCB Lists the most recently used classification terms.
classificationdialog|extended_tip|markingLB Lists the specific classification markings for document and paragraph classification of your installation.
classificationdialog|label-Content Content Sisu
classificationdialog|boldButton Bold Paks kiri
classificationdialog|extended_tip|toolboxCB Applies bold character style to the classification contents.
classificationdialog|signButton Sign Paragraph Allkirjasta lõik...
classificationdialog|extended_tip|signButton Opens the Select Certificate dialog to select a digital certificate for paragraph signature.
classificationdialog|extended_tip|classiticationEditWindow Displays the current classification terms of the document or paragraph.
classificationdialog|label-PartNumber License: Litsents:
classificationdialog|label-PartNumber Part Number: Osa number:
classificationdialog|label-PartNumber Part text: Osa tekst:
classificationdialog|extended_tip|intellectualPropertyPartEntry Enter a custom intellectual property text for the document.
classificationdialog|extended_tip|intellectualPropertyPartLB Lists the available intellectual property licenses defined for your installation.
classificationdialog|extended_tip|intellectual PropertyPartNumberLB Lists the available intellectual property part numbers of your installation.
classificationdialog|intellectualPropertyPartAddButton Add Lisa
classificationdialog|extended_tip|intelectualPropertyPartAddButton Click to add the part text to the intellectual property classification content.
classificationdialog|label-IntellectualProperty Intellectual Property Intellektuaalomand
colorwindow|none_color_button None Puudub
colorwindow|label1 Recent Viimati kasutatud
colorwindow|color_picker_button Custom Color… Kohandatud värv...
colsmenu|insert Insert _Column Lisa veerg
colsmenu|change _Replace with Asendus
colsmenu|delete Delete column Kustuta veerg
colsmenu|hide _Hide Column Peida veerg
colsmenu|show _Show Columns Näita veerge
colsmenu|more _More... Rohkem...
colsmenu|all _All Kõik
colsmenu|column Column... Veerg...
compressgraphicdialog|CompressGraphicDialog Compress Image Pildi tihendamine
compressgraphicdialog|radio-jpeg JPEG Quality JPEG-kvaliteet
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Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages
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