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datanavigator|extended_tip|instances This button has submenus to add, edit or remove instances.
datanavigator|extended_tip|DataNavigator Specifies the data structure of the current XForms document.
defaultshapespanel|label1 Lines and Arrows
defaultshapespanel|label2 Curves and Polygons
defaultshapespanel|label3 Connectors
defaultshapespanel|label4 Basic Shapes
defaultshapespanel|label5 Symbol Shapes
defaultshapespanel|label6 Block Arrows
defaultshapespanel|label7 Flowchart
defaultshapespanel|label8 Callouts
defaultshapespanel|label9 Stars and Banners
defaultshapespanel|label10 3D Objects
deletefooterdialog|DeleteFooterDialog Delete footer?
deletefooterdialog|DeleteFooterDialog Are you sure you want to delete the footer?
deletefooterdialog|DeleteFooterDialog All contents of the footer will be deleted and can not be restored.
deleteheaderdialog|DeleteHeaderDialog Delete header?
deleteheaderdialog|DeleteHeaderDialog Are you sure you want to delete the header?
deleteheaderdialog|DeleteHeaderDialog All contents of the header will be deleted and can not be restored.
depthwindow|RID_SVXSTR_INFINITY _Infinity
depthwindow|RID_SVXSTR_CUSTOM _Custom...
directionwindow|RID_SVXSTR_PERSPECTIVE _Perspective
dockingwindow|RID_SVXSTR_PARALLEL P_arallel
docking3deffects|diagonalft R_ounded edges
docking3deffects|scaleddepthft _Scaled depth
docking3deffects|angleft _Rotation angle
docking3deffects|depthft _Depth
docking3deffects|extended_tip|diagonal Enter the amount by which you want to round the corners of the selected 3D object.
docking3deffects|extended_tip|scaleddepth Enter the amount by which to increase or decrease the area of the front side of the selected 3D object.
docking3deffects|extended_tip|angle Enter the angle in degrees to rotate the selected 3D rotation object.
docking3deffects|extended_tip|depth Enter the extrusion depth for the selected 3D object. This option is not valid for 3D rotation objects.
docking3deffects|label1 Geometry
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