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compressgraphicdialog|label7 Actual dimensions:
compressgraphicdialog|label8 Apparent dimensions:
compressgraphicdialog|label9 Image size:
compressgraphicdialog|calculate Calculate New Size:
compressgraphicdialog|label1 Image Information
crashreportdlg|ed_post The crash report was successfully uploaded.
You can soon find the report at:
crashreportdlg|ed_bugreport Please check the report and if no bug report is connected to the crash report yet, open a new bug report at
Add detailed instructions on how to reproduce the crash and the shown crash ID into the crash report field.
Thank you for your help in improving %PRODUCTNAME.
crashreportdlg|CrashReportDialog Crash Report
crashreportdlg|btn_send _Send Crash Report
crashreportdlg|btn_cancel Do _Not Send
crashreportdlg|btn_close Close
crashreportdlg|ed_pre Unfortunately it seems that %PRODUCTNAME crashed when it was last run.

You can help us to fix this issue by sending an anonymous crash report to the %PRODUCTNAME crash reporting server.
crashreportdlg|check_safemode Restart %PRODUCTNAME to enter safe mode
crashreportdlg|privacy Privacy Policy
datanavigator|instancesadd _Add...
datanavigator|extended_tip|instancesadd Opens a dialog where you can add a new instance.
datanavigator|instancesedit _Edit...
datanavigator|extended_tip|instancesedit Opens a dialog where you can modify the current instance.
datanavigator|instancesremove _Remove...
datanavigator|extended_tip|instancesremove Deletes the current instance. You cannot delete the last instance.
datanavigator|instancesdetails _Show Details
datanavigator|extended_tip|instancesdetails Switches the display to show or hide details.
datanavigator|modelsadd _Add...
datanavigator|extended_tip|modelsadd Opens the Add Model dialog where you can add an XForm model.
datanavigator|modelsedit _Edit...
datanavigator|extended_tip|modelsedit Renames the selected XForms model.
datanavigator|modelsremove _Remove
datanavigator|extended_tip|modelsremove Deletes the selected XForm model. You cannot delete the last model.
datanavigator|extended_tip|modelslist Selects the XForms model that you want to use.
datanavigator|modelsbutton _Models
datanavigator|extended_tip|modelsbutton Adds, renames, and removes XForms models.


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