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STR_ObjNamePluralNONE Drawing objects እቃዎች መሳያ
STR_ObjNameSingulGRUP Group object እቃ በ ቡድን መመደቢያ
STR_ObjNameSingulDIAGRAM Diagram
STR_ObjNamePluralGRUP Group objects እቃዎችን በ ቡድን መመደቢያ
STR_ObjNameSingulGRUPEMPTY Blank group object የ ቡድን እቃ ባዶ ማድረጊያ
STR_ObjNamePluralGRUPEMPTY Blank group objects እቃዎችን በቡድን መመደቢያ ባዶ ማድረጊያ
STR_ObjNameSingulLINE Line መስመር
STR_ObjNameSingulLINE_Hori Horizontal line የ አግድም መስመር
STR_ObjNameSingulLINE_Vert Vertical line የ ቁመት መስመር
STR_ObjNameSingulLINE_Diag Diagonal line የ ሰያፍ መስመር
STR_ObjNamePluralLINE Lines መስመሮች
STR_ObjNameSingulRECT Rectangle አራት ማእዘን
STR_ObjNamePluralRECT Rectangles አራት ማእዘኖች
STR_ObjNameSingulQUAD Square ስኴር
STR_ObjNamePluralQUAD Squares ስኴር
STR_ObjNameSingulPARAL Parallelogram ፓራለልሎግራም
STR_ObjNamePluralPARAL Parallelograms ፓራለልሎግራም
STR_ObjNameSingulRECTRND Rounded rectangle የተከበበ አራት ማእዘን
STR_ObjNamePluralRECTRND Rounded Rectangles የተከበቡ አራት ማእዘኖች
STR_ObjNameSingulQUADRND rounded square የ ተከበበ ስኴር
STR_ObjNamePluralQUADRND Rounded Squares የ ተከበበ ስኴር
STR_ObjNameSingulPARALRND Rounded Parallelogram ክብ ፓራለልግራም
STR_ObjNamePluralPARALRND Rounded parallelograms ክብ ፓራለልግራም
STR_ObjNameSingulCIRC Circle ክብ
STR_ObjNamePluralCIRC Circles ክቦች
STR_ObjNameSingulSECT Circle sector የክብ sector
STR_ObjNamePluralSECT Circle sectors የክብ sectors
STR_ObjNameSingulCARC Arc ቅስት
STR_ObjNamePluralCARC Arcs ቅስቶች
STR_ObjNameSingulCCUT Circle segment የክብ ክፋይ
STR_ObjNamePluralCCUT Circle segments የክብ ክፋዮች
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Translated LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI ፓራለልግራም
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI ፓራለል ሎግራም


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