English WSEL3
Context English Amharic Actions
STR_ObjNameSingulCARC Arc ቅስት
STR_ObjNamePluralCARC Arcs ቅስቶች
STR_ObjNameSingulCCUT Circle segment የክብ ክፋይ
STR_ObjNamePluralCCUT Circle segments የክብ ክፋዮች
STR_ObjNameSingulCIRCE Ellipse ኤሊፕስ
STR_ObjNamePluralCIRCE Ellipses ኤሊፕስ
STR_ObjNameSingulSECTE Ellipse Pie ኤሊፕስ ፓይ
STR_ObjNamePluralSECTE Ellipse Pies ኤሊፕስ ፓይ
STR_ObjNameSingulCARCE Elliptical arc Elliptical arc
STR_ObjNamePluralCARCE Elliptical arcs Elliptical arcs
STR_ObjNameSingulCCUTE Ellipse Segment የ ኤሊፕስ ክፋይ
STR_ObjNamePluralCCUTE Ellipse Segments የ ኤሊፕስ ክፋዮች
STR_ObjNameSingulPOLY Polygon ፖሊጎን
STR_ObjNameSingulPOLY_PointCount Polygon %2 corners የ ፖሊጎን %2 ጠርዞች
STR_ObjNamePluralPOLY Polygons ፖሊጎኖች
STR_ObjNameSingulPLIN Polyline Polyline
STR_ObjNameSingulPLIN_PointCount Polyline with %2 corners Polyline with %2 corners
STR_ObjNamePluralPLIN Polylines Polylines
STR_ObjNameSingulPATHLINE Bézier curve የ ቤዤ ክብ
STR_ObjNamePluralPATHLINE Bézier curves የ ቤዤ ክቦች
STR_ObjNameSingulPATHFILL Bézier curve የ ቤዤ ክብ
STR_ObjNamePluralPATHFILL Bézier curves የ ቤዤ ክቦች
STR_ObjNameSingulFREELINE Freeform Line ነፃ መስመር መፍጠሪያ
STR_ObjNamePluralFREELINE Freeform Lines ነፃ መስመሮች መፍጠሪያ
STR_ObjNameSingulFREEFILL Freeform Line ነፃ መስመር መፍጠሪያ
STR_ObjNamePluralFREEFILL Freeform Lines ነፃ መስመሮች መፍጠሪያ
STR_ObjNameSingulCOMBLINE Curve መታጠፊያ
STR_ObjNameSingulTEXT Text Frame የ ጽሁፍ ክፈፍ
STR_ObjNamePluralTEXT Text Frame የ ጽሁፍ ክፈፍ
STR_ObjNameSingulTEXTLNK Linked text frame የተገናኘ የ ጽሁፍ ክፈፍ
STR_ObjNamePluralTEXTLNK Linked text frames የተገናኙ የ ጽሁፍ ክፈፎች


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