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addresstemplatedialog|AddressTemplateDialog Templates: Address Book Assignment Txantiloiak: Helbide-liburuaren esleipena
addresstemplatedialog|label33 Data source: Datu-iturburua:
addresstemplatedialog|label43 Table: Taula:
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|datasource Select the data source for your address book. Hautatu zure helbide-liburuaren datu-iturburua.
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|datatable Select the data table for your address book. Hautatu zure helbide-liburuaren datu-taula.
addresstemplatedialog|admin _Assign _Esleitu
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|admin Add a new data source to the Address Book Source list. Gehitu datu-iturburu berri bat Helbide-liburuaren iturburua zerrendari.
addresstemplatedialog|label100 Address Book Source Helbide-liburuaren iturburua
addresstemplatedialog|label23 Field Assignment Eremu-esleipena
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|assign Select the field in the data table that corresponds to the address book entry. Hautatu, datu-taulan, helbide-liburuaren sarrerari dagokion eremua.
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|AddressTemplateDialog Edit the field assignments and the data source for your address book. Editatu helbide-liburuaren eremu-esleipena eta datu-iturburuak.
calendar|STR_SVT_CALENDAR_TODAY Today Gaur
calendar|STR_SVT_CALENDAR_NONE None Bat ere ez
fileviewmenu|delete _Delete E_zabatu
fileviewmenu|rename _Rename Aldatu _izena
graphicexport|GraphicExportDialog %1 Options %1(r)en aukerak
graphicexport|modifydimensionscb Modify dimensions Aldatu dimentsioak
graphicexport|label5 Width: Zabalera:
graphicexport|label6 Height: Altuera:
graphicexport|modifyresolutioncb Modify resolution Aldatu bereizmena
graphicexport|resolutionft Resolution: Bereizmena:
graphicexport|extended_tip|widthmf Specifies the measurement units. Neurri-unitateak zehazten ditu.
graphicexport|extended_tip|heightmf Specifies the height. Altuera zehazten du.
graphicexport|extended_tip|resolutionmf Enter the image resolution. Select the measurement units from the list box. Sartu irudi-bereizmena. Hautatu neurri-unitateak zerrenda-koadroan.
graphicexport|liststore2 inches hazbete
graphicexport|liststore2 cm cm
graphicexport|liststore2 mm mm
graphicexport|liststore2 points puntu
graphicexport|liststore2 pixels pixel
graphicexport|extended_tip|widthlb Specifies the width. Zabalera zehazten du.
graphicexport|liststore1 pixels/cm pixel/cm
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