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Context English gbm (generated) Actions
alignmentdialog|left _Left
alignmentdialog|extended_tip|left Aligns the selected elements of a formula to the left.
alignmentdialog|center _Centered
alignmentdialog|extended_tip|center Aligns the elements of a formula to the center.
alignmentdialog|right _Right
alignmentdialog|extended_tip|right Aligns the elements of a formula to the right.
alignmentdialog|label1 Horizontal
alignmentdialog|extended_tip|AlignmentDialog You can define the alignment of multi-line formulas as well as formulas with several elements in one line.
catalogdialog|CatalogDialog Symbols
catalogdialog|edit _Edit...
catalogdialog|extended_tip|edit Click here to open the Edit Symbols dialog.
catalogdialog|insert _Insert
catalogdialog|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
catalogdialog|label1 _Symbol set:
catalogdialog|extended_tip|symbolset All symbols are organized into symbol sets. Select the desired symbol set from the list box. The corresponding group of symbols appear in the field below.
catalogdialog|symbolname Unknown
catalogdialog|extended_tip|preview Displays a preview of the current selection.
catalogdialog|extended_tip|CatalogDialog Opens the Symbols dialog, in which you can select a symbol to insert in the formula.
dockingelements|ElementCategories|tooltip_text Element categories
fontdialog|FontDialog Fonts
fontdialog|extended_tip|font Select a font from the list.
fontdialog|formulaL Font
fontdialog|bold _Bold
fontdialog|extended_tip|bold Check this box to assign the bold attribute to the font.
fontdialog|italic _Italic
fontdialog|extended_tip|italic Check this box to assign the italic attribute to the font.
fontdialog|formulaL1 Attributes
fontdialog|extended_tip|FontDialog Use this dialog to select the font for the respective category in the Fonts dialog.
fontsizedialog|FontSizeDialog Font Sizes
fontsizedialog|default _Default
fontsizedialog|extended_tip|default Click this button to save your changes as a default for all new formulas.
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