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Context English Serbian Actions
documentinfopage|showsigned Multiply signed document Вишеструко потписани документ
documentinfopage|userdatacb _Apply user data ~Укључи податке о кориснику
documentinfopage|reset Reset Properties
documentinfopage|extended_tip|reset Resets the editing time to zero, the creation date to the current date and time, and the version number to 1. The modification and printing dates are also deleted.
documentinfopage|signature Di_gital Signatures... Електронски потпис...
documentinfopage|label11 _Size: Величина:
documentinfopage|showsize unknown непознато
documentinfopage|label8 _Location: Локација:
documentinfopage|label7 _Type: Врста:
documentinfopage|changepass Change _Password Промени лозинку
documentinfopage|templateft Template: Шаблон:
documentinfopage|extended_tip|nameed Displays the file name.
documentinfopage|thumbnailsavecb Save preview image with this document
documentinfopage|image-preferred-dpi-checkbutton Image preferred DPI
documentinfopage|extended_tip|DocumentInfoPage Contains basic information about the current file.
documentpropertiesdialog|DocumentPropertiesDialog Properties of “%1” Својства документа
documentpropertiesdialog|general General Опште
documentpropertiesdialog|description Description Опис
documentpropertiesdialog|customprops Custom Properties Посебна својства
documentpropertiesdialog|cmisprops CMIS Properties
documentpropertiesdialog|security Security Сигурност
editdocumentdialog|EditDocumentDialog Confirm editing of document
editdocumentdialog|EditDocumentDialog Are you sure you want to edit the document?
editdocumentdialog|EditDocumentDialog The original file can be signed without editing the document. Existing signatures on the document will be lost in case of saving an edited version.
editdocumentdialog|edit Edit Document Текст
editdocumentdialog|cancel Cancel Обустави
editdurationdialog|EditDurationDialog Edit Duration Уреди функцију
editdurationdialog|negative _Negative Негативно
editdurationdialog|label1 _Years:
editdurationdialog|label _Months: Месеци
editdurationdialog|label3 _Days:


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