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STR_LABEL_FILEFORMAT File format: Формат датотеке:
STR_HIDDENINFO_CONTAINS This document contains:

Овај документ садржи:

STR_HIDDENINFO_RECORDCHANGES Recorded changes Снимљене измене
STR_HIDDENINFO_DOCVERSIONS Document versions Верзије документа
STR_HIDDENINFO_CONTINUE_SAVING Do you want to continue saving the document? Желите ли да наставите са чувањем документа?
STR_HIDDENINFO_CONTINUE_PRINTING Do you want to continue printing the document? Желите ли да наставите са штампањем документа?
STR_HIDDENINFO_CONTINUE_SIGNING Do you want to continue signing the document? Желите ли да наставите са потписивањем документа?
STR_HIDDENINFO_CONTINUE_CREATEPDF Do you want to continue creating a PDF file? Желите ли да наставите са израдом ПДФ датотеке?
STR_NEW_FILENAME_SAVE If you do not want to overwrite the original document, you should save your work under a new filename. Уколико не желите да препишете оригинални документ, сачувајте рад под новим именом.
STR_SHARED (shared) (дељено)
STR_XMLSEC_ODF12_EXPECTED The document format version is set to ODF 1.1 ( 2.x) in Tools-Options-Load/Save-General. Signing documents requires ODF 1.2 ( 3.x). Верзија формата за овај документ је постављена на ОДФ 1.1 ( 2.x) у „Алатке - Подешавања - Учитај и сачувај - Опште“. Потписивање захтева ОДФ 1.2 ( 3.x).
STR_XMLSEC_QUERY_SAVESIGNEDBEFORESIGN The document has to be saved before it can be signed. Saving the document removes all present signatures.
Do you want to save the document?
STR_QRYTEMPL_MESSAGE The template '$(ARG1)' on which this document is based, has been modified. Do you want to update the styles of the current document, using the modified template?
STR_QRYTEMPL_UPDATE_BTN ~Update Styles ~Ажурирај стилове
STR_QRYTEMPL_KEEP_BTN ~Keep Old Styles ~Задржи старе стилове
STR_MSG_EXPORT_SUCCESS $1 templates successfully exported.
STR_MSG_QUERY_COPY $1 could not be moved to the category "$2". Do you want to copy the template instead?
STR_CREATE_ERROR Cannot create category: $1
STR_ERROR_SAVEAS Cannot save template: $1
STR_INPUT_NEW Enter new category name:
STR_MSG_ERROR_LOCAL_MOVE Error moving the following templates to $1.
Грешка при премештању шаблона у $1.
STR_MSG_ERROR_EXPORT Error exporting the following templates:
Грешка при извозу шаблона:
STR_MSG_ERROR_IMPORT Error importing the following templates to $1:
Грешка при увозу шаблона у $1:
STR_MSG_ERROR_DELETE_TEMPLATE The following templates cannot be deleted:
Неки шаблони не могу да буду обрисани:
STR_MSG_ERROR_DELETE_FOLDER The following folders cannot be deleted:
Неке фасциле не могу да буду обрисане:
STR_TOOLTIP_ERROR_RENAME_TEMPLATE There is another template with the name $1 in $2.
STR_QMSG_SEL_FOLDER_DELETE Do you want to delete the selected category?
STR_QMSG_TEMPLATE_OVERWRITE A template named $1 already exists in $2. Do you want to overwrite it?


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