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linkeditdialog|title Modify DDE Link
linkeditdialog|label2 _Application:
linkeditdialog|label3 _File:
linkeditdialog|label4 _Category:
linkeditdialog|extended_tip|app Lists the application that last saved the source file. The office suite applications have the server name soffice.
linkeditdialog|extended_tip|file Path to the source file. Relative paths must be expressed by full URI, for example, with file://.
linkeditdialog|extended_tip|category Lists the section or object that the link refers to in the source file. If you want, you can enter a new section or object here.
linkeditdialog|label1 Modify Link
loadtemplatedialog|LoadTemplateDialog New
loadtemplatedialog|fromfile From File...
loadtemplatedialog|fromfile|tooltip_text Copy styles from selected external document to current document.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|fromfile Locate the file containing the styles that you want to load, and then click Open.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|categories Lists the available template categories. Click a category to view its contents in the Templates list.
loadtemplatedialog|label1 Categories
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|templates Lists the available templates for the selected category.
loadtemplatedialog|label2 Templates
loadtemplatedialog|label2|tooltip_text Templates in the selected category
loadtemplatedialog|text _Paragraph and Character
loadtemplatedialog|text|tooltip_text Copy paragraph and character styles to current document.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|text Loads the paragraph and the character styles from the selected document into the current document.
loadtemplatedialog|frame _Frame
loadtemplatedialog|frame|tooltip_text Copy frame styles to current document.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|frame Loads the frame styles from the selected document into the current document.
loadtemplatedialog|pages Pa_ge
loadtemplatedialog|pages|tooltip_text Copy page styles to current document.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|pages Loads the page styles from the selected document into the current document.
loadtemplatedialog|numbering _List
loadtemplatedialog|numbering|tooltip_text Copy list styles to current document.
loadtemplatedialog|extended_tip|numbering Loads the list styles from the selected document into the current document.
loadtemplatedialog|overwrite _Overwrite
loadtemplatedialog|overwrite|tooltip_text Overwrite styles with same name


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