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Context English Armenian, Classical (Armenia) (xcl) Actions
headerfootertab|footer_label F_ooter text:
headerfootertab|extended_tip|footer_text Adds the text that you enter to the bottom of the slide.
headerfootertab|slide_number _Slide number
headerfootertab|extended_tip|slide_number Adds the slide number or the page number.
headerfootertab|include_label Include on Slide
headerfootertab|not_on_title Do _not show on the first slide
headerfootertab|extended_tip|not_on_title Does not display your specified information on the first slide of your presentation.
headerfootertab|replacement_a _Page Number
headerfootertab|replacement_b Include on page
impressprinteroptions|label2 Type:
impressprinteroptions|label7 Slides per page:
impressprinteroptions|label1 Order:
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|impressdocument Select which parts of the document should be printed.
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|slidesperpage Select how many slides to print per page.
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|slideperpageorder Specify how to arrange slides on the printed page.
impressprinteroptions|label3 Document
impressprinteroptions|printname Slide name
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|printname Specifies whether to print the page name of a document.
impressprinteroptions|printdatetime Date and time
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|printdatetime Specifies whether to print the current date and time.
impressprinteroptions|printhidden Hidden pages
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|printhidden Specifies whether to print the pages that are currently hidden.
impressprinteroptions|label4 Contents
impressprinteroptions|originalcolors Original colors
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|originalcolors Specifies to print in original colors.
impressprinteroptions|grayscale Grayscale
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|grayscale Specifies to print colors as grayscale.
impressprinteroptions|blackandwhite Black & white
impressprinteroptions|extended_tip|blackandwhite Specifies to print colors as black and white.
impressprinteroptions|label5 Color
impressprinteroptions|originalsize Original size


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English Armenian, Classical (Armenia) (xcl)
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