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Context English Armenian Actions
customanimationtimingtab|start_label _Start:
customanimationtimingtab|delay_label _Delay:
customanimationtimingtab|duration_label D_uration:
customanimationtimingtab|repeat_label _Repeat:
customanimationtimingtab|start_list On click
customanimationtimingtab|start_list With previous
customanimationtimingtab|start_list After previous
customanimationtimingtab|anim_duration|tooltip_text Select the speed of the Animation.
customanimationtimingtab|rewind Rewind _when done playing
customanimationtimingtab|label11 Timing
customanimationtimingtab|rb_click_sequence _Animate as part of click sequence
customanimationtimingtab|rb_interactive Start _effect on click of:
customanimationtimingtab|label11 Trigger
customslideshows|CustomSlideShows Custom Slide Shows
customslideshows|startshow _Start
customslideshows|extended_tip|startshow Runs the slide show. Ensure that a custom slide show is selected if you want to run a custom presentation.
customslideshows|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
customslideshows|extended_tip|customshowlist Lists the custom slide shows that are available.
customslideshows|extended_tip|new Add, remove or reorder slides as well as change the name of the selected custom slide show.
customslideshows|extended_tip|edit Add, remove or reorder slides as well as change the name of the selected custom slide show.
customslideshows|copy Cop_y
customslideshows|extended_tip|copy Creates a copy of the selected custom slide show. You can modify the name of the show by clicking Edit.
customslideshows|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected element or elements without requiring confirmation.
customslideshows|extended_tip|CustomSlideShows Defines a custom slide show using slides within the current presentation. You can then pick slides to meet the needs of your audience. You can create as many custom slide shows as you want.
definecustomslideshow|DefineCustomSlideShow Define Custom Slide Show
definecustomslideshow|label1 _Name:
definecustomslideshow|extended_tip|customname Displays the name of the custom slide show. If you want, you can enter a new name.
definecustomslideshow|label2 _Existing slides:
definecustomslideshow|label3 _Selected slides:
definecustomslideshow|extended_tip|pages Lists all of the slides in the order in which they appear in the current document.
definecustomslideshow|extended_tip|custompages Lists all of the slides in the custom slide show. If you want, you can change the order of the list by dragging the slides up or down.


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