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Context English Friulian Actions
masterlayoutdlg|extended_tip|datetime Adds a date/time placeholder to the master slide.
masterlayoutdlg|footer _Footer
masterlayoutdlg|extended_tip|footer Adds a footer placeholder to the master slide.
masterlayoutdlg|pagenumber _Page number
masterlayoutdlg|extended_tip|pagenumber Adds a slide number placeholder to the master slide.
masterlayoutdlg|slidenumber _Slide number
masterlayoutdlg|Placeholders Placeholders
masterlayoutdlg|extended_tip|MasterLayoutDialog Adds or removes header, footer, date, and slide number placeholders to the layout of the master slide.
mastermenu|applyall _Apply to All Slides
mastermenu|applyselect Apply to _Selected Slides
mastermenu|large Show _Large Preview
mastermenu|small Show S_mall Preview
navigatorpanelSTR_DRAGTYPE_URL Insert as Hyperlink
navigatorpanel|STR_DRAGTYPE_LINK Insert as Link
navigatorpanel|STR_DRAGTYPE_EMBEDDED Insert as Copy
navigatorpanel|documents|tooltip_text Document
navigatorpanel|documents-atkobject Active Window
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|documents Lists currently open documents.
navigatorpanel|STR_OBJECTS_TREE Page Tree
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|tree Lists available slides. Double-click a slide to make it the active slide.
navigatorpanel|first|tooltip_text First Slide
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|first Jumps to the first page.
navigatorpanel|previous|tooltip_text Previous Slide
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|previous Moves back one page.
navigatorpanel|next|tooltip_text Next Slide
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|next Move forward one page.
navigatorpanel|last|tooltip_text Last Slide
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|last Jumps to the last page.
navigatorpanel|dragmode|tooltip_text Drag Mode
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|dragmode Drag and drop slides and named objects into the active slide.
navigatorpanel|shapes|tooltip_text Show Shapes


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