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notebookbar_groups|wrapoff None
notebookbar_groups|wrapideal Optimal
notebookbar_groups|wrapon Parallel
notebookbar_groups|wrapleft Before
notebookbar_groups|wrapright After
notebookbar_groups|wrapthrough Through
notebookbar_groups|wrapcontour Contour
notebookbar_groups|contourdialog Edit Contour
optimpressgeneralpage|startwithwizard Start with _Template Selection
extended_tip|startwithwizard Specifies whether to activate the Select a Template window when opening a presentation with File - New - Presentation.
optimpressgeneralpage|newdoclbl New Document
optimpressgeneralpage|enprsntcons Enable Presenter Console
extended_tip|enprsntcons Specifies that you want to enable the Presenter Console during slideshows.
optimpressgeneralpage|enremotcont Enable remote control
extended_tip|enremotcont Specifies that you want to enable Bluetooth remote control while Impress is running.
optimpressgeneralpage|label7 Presentation
optimpressgeneralpage|printermetrics Us_e printer metrics for document formatting
extended_tip|printermetrics Specifies that printer metrics are applied for printing and also for formatting the display on the screen. If this box is not checked, a printer independent layout will be used for screen display and printing.
optimpressgeneralpage|cbCompatibility Add _spacing between paragraphs and tables
extended_tip|cbCompatibility Specifies that Impress calculates the paragraph spacing exactly like Microsoft PowerPoint.
optimpressgeneralpage|label1 Compatibility
optimpressgeneralpage|copywhenmove Copy when moving
extended_tip|copywhenmove If enabled, a copy is created when you move an object while holding down the Ctrl key.
optimpressgeneralpage|label6 Unit of _measurement:
extended_tip|units Determines the Unit of measurement for presentations.
optimpressgeneralpage|tapstoplabel Ta_b stops:
extended_tip|metricFields Defines the spacing between tab stops.
optimpressgeneralpage|objalwymov Objects always moveable
extended_tip|objalwymov Specifies that you want to move an object with the Rotate tool enabled. If Objects always moveable is not marked, the Rotate tool can only be used to rotate an object.
optimpressgeneralpage|distortcb Do not distort objects in curve
optimpressgeneralpage|backgroundback Use background cache


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