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fourieranalysisdialog|polar-check Output in polar form
fourieranalysisdialog|label4 Minimum magnitude for polar form output (in dB)
fourieranalysisdialog|label3 Options
fourieranalysisdialog|extended_tip|FourierAnalysisDialog Produces the Fourier analysis of a data set by computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of an input array of complex numbers using a couple of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms.
functionpanel|insert|tooltip_text Insert Function into calculation sheet
functionpanel|category Last Used చివరిగా వాడినది
functionpanel|category All అన్ని
functionpanel|category Database డాటాబేస్
functionpanel|category Date&Time తేది&సమయము
functionpanel|category Financial ఆర్థికపరమైన
functionpanel|category Information సమాచారం
functionpanel|category Logical తార్కిక
functionpanel|category Mathematical గణితం
functionpanel|category Array క్రమం
functionpanel|category Statistical గణాంకాలు
functionpanel|category Spreadsheet స్ర్పెడ్ షీట్
functionpanel|category Text పాఠం
functionpanel|category Add-in యాడ్-ఇన్
functionpanel|extended_tip|category Displays the available functions.
functionpanel|extended_tip|funclist Displays the available functions.
functionpanel|funcdesc label లేబుల్
goalseekdlg|GoalSeekDialog Goal Seek లక్ష్య సాధన
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|cancel Closes dialog and discards all changes.
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
goalseekdlg|formulatext _Formula cell: సూత్రపు అర(_F)
goalseekdlg|label3 Target _value: లక్ష్యపు విలువ(_v)
goalseekdlg|vartext Variable _cell: చరరాశి అర(_c)
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|formulaedit In the formula cell, enter the reference of the cell which contains the formula. It contains the current cell reference.
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|target Specifies the value you want to achieve as a new result.
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|varedit Specifies the reference for the cell that contains the value you want to adjust in order to reach the target.
goalseekdlg|extended_tip|formulabutton Click the Shrink icon to reduce the dialog to the size of the input field. It is then easier to mark the required reference in the sheet. The icons then automatically convert to the Maximize icon. Click it to restore the dialog to its original size.
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