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movecopysheet|copy C_opy පිටපත් කරන්න
movecopysheet|extended_tip|copy Specifies that the sheet is to be copied. If the option is unmarked, the sheet is moved.
movecopysheet|label1 Action ක්‍රියාව
movecopysheet|toDocumentLabel To _document ලේඛනය වෙත
movecopysheet|toDocument (current document)
movecopysheet|toDocument - new document -
movecopysheet|extended_tip|toDocument Indicates where the current sheet is to be moved or copied to.
movecopysheet|insertBeforeLabel _Insert before
movecopysheet|extended_tip|insertBefore The current sheet is moved or copied in front of the selected sheet.
movecopysheet|label2 Location ස්ථානය
movecopysheet|warnunused This name is already used. මෙම නම දැනටමත් භාවිතයේ පවතී.
movecopysheet|warnempty Name is empty.
movecopysheet|warninvalid Name contains one or more invalid characters.
movecopysheet|newNameLabel New _name නව නම
movecopysheet|extended_tip|MoveCopySheetDialog Moves or copies a sheet to a new location in the document or to a different document.
movingaveragedialog|MovingAverageDialog Moving Average
movingaveragedialog|input-range-label Input range:
movingaveragedialog|output-range-label Results to:
movingaveragedialog|trimrange-check Trim input range to actual data content
movingaveragedialog|label3 Data දිනය
movingaveragedialog|groupedby-columns-radio Columns තීරුව
movingaveragedialog|groupedby-rows-radio Rows පේළිය
movingaveragedialog|label2 Grouped by අනුව සමූහනය කළ:
movingaveragedialog|interval-label Interval: අන්තරය
movingaveragedialog|label1 Parameters පරාමිති (~P)
movingaveragedialog|extended_tip|MovingAverageDialog Calculates the moving average of a time series
multipleoperationsdialog|MultipleOperationsDialog Multiple operations බහු ක්‍රියා
multipleoperationsdialog|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
multipleoperationsdialog|extended_tip|cancel Closes dialog and discards all changes.
multipleoperationsdialog|formulasft _Formulas: සූත්‍ර (_F)
multipleoperationsdialog|rowft _Row input cell:
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