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Context English Georgian Actions
dataform|label New Record ახალი ჩანაწერი
dataform|new _New ა_ხალი
dataform|delete _Delete _წაშლა
dataform|restore _Restore აღდგენა
dataform|prev _Previous Record წინა ჩანაწერი
dataform|next Ne_xt Record ახალი ჩანაწერი
dataform|extended_tip|DataFormDialog Data Entry Form is a tool to make table data entry easy in spreadsheets.
dataproviderdlg/okaybtn Okay
dataproviderdlg/cancelbtn Cancel
dataproviderdlg|db_name Database Range:
dataproviderdlg/provider Data Provider:
dataproviderdlg/url URL:
dataproviderdlg/browse_btn Browse
dataproviderdlg/id Id / Xpath:
dataproviderdlg/lbSource Source
dataproviderdlg/transformation_add Add
dataproviderdlg/AddTransformation_tooltip Add Transformations
dataproviderdlg/transformation Transformations
dataproviderdlg/apply Apply
dataproviderdlg/apply_tooltiptext Apply Changes
dataproviderdlg/preview Preview
datastreams|DataStreamDialog Live Data Streams
datastreams|label6 URL: URL
datastreams|url|tooltip_text Enter the URL of the source document in the local file system or Internet here.
datastreams|browse _Browse... _მიმოხილვა...
datastreams|valuesinline value1,value2,...,valueN, and fill into range:
datastreams|addressvalue address,value
datastreams|label4 Interpret stream data as
datastreams|refresh_ui Empty lines trigger UI refresh
datastreams|label Source Stream
datastreams|datadown Move existing data down
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This translation Propagated Empty LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Empty LibreOffice UI - master/sw/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/basctl/messages დამატება
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/cui/messages დამატება
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/cui/messages დამატება
Empty LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages დამატება
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/svx/messages დამატება
Empty LibreOffice UI - master/LibreOffice UI - master
Needs editing LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/svtools/messages დამატება


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