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formulacalculationoptions|FormulaCalculationOptions Detailed Calculation Settings 詳細な計算の設定
formulacalculationoptions|labelConvT2N Conversion from text to number: 文字から数値への変換:
formulacalculationoptions|checkEmptyAsZero Treat _empty string as zero 空文字列を 0 として扱う(_E)
formulacalculationoptions|labelSyntaxRef Reference syntax for string reference: 文字列参照用の構文:
formulacalculationoptions|comboSyntaxRef Use formula syntax 数式の構文を使う
formulacalculationoptions|comboConversion Generate #VALUE! error #VALUE! エラーを出力
formulacalculationoptions|comboConversion Treat as zero 0として扱う
formulacalculationoptions|comboConversion Convert only if unambiguous 一義的な場合のみ変換
formulacalculationoptions|comboConversion Convert also locale dependent ロケールに依存して変換
formulacalculationoptions|current_doc Apply those settings to current document only これらの設定は現在のドキュメントのみに適用する
formulacalculationoptions|label3 Contents to Numbers 数値の内容
extended_tip|FormulaCalculationOptions Sets the rules for conversion from strings values to numeric values, string values to cell references, and strings values to date and time values. This affects built-in functions such as INDIRECT that takes a reference as a string value or date and time functions that takes arguments as string values in local or ISO 8601 formats.
fourieranalysisdialog|FourierAnalysisDialog Fourier Analysis フーリエ解析
fourieranalysisdialog|input-range-label Input range: 入力範囲:
fourieranalysisdialog|output-range-label Results to: 結果貼り付け先:
fourieranalysisdialog|withlabels-check Input range has label 入力範囲はラベルを含む
fourieranalysisdialog|label1 Data データ
fourieranalysisdialog|groupedby-columns-radio _Columns 列(_C)
fourieranalysisdialog|groupedby-rows-radio _Rows 行(_R)
fourieranalysisdialog|label2 Grouped by データ方向
fourieranalysisdialog|inverse-check Inverse 逆変換
fourieranalysisdialog|polar-check Output in polar form 極形式で出力する
fourieranalysisdialog|label4 Minimum magnitude for polar form output (in dB) 極形式の出力で表示する最小の振幅 (dB)
fourieranalysisdialog|label3 Options オプション
fourieranalysisdialog|extended_tip|FourierAnalysisDialog Produces the Fourier analysis of a data set by computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of an input array of complex numbers using a couple of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms.
functionpanel|insert|tooltip_text Insert Function into calculation sheet シートに関数を挿入
functionpanel|category Last Used 最近使用した関数
functionpanel|category All すべて
functionpanel|category Database データベース
functionpanel|category Date&Time 日付と時刻
functionpanel|category Financial 財務


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