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pastespecial|extended_tip|paste_transpose Pastes cell contents transposed, hence columns are converted to rows.
pastespecial|cbImmediately Run immediately すぐに実行
pastespecial|extended_tip|cbImmediately Check this option to run the preset immediately. Uncheck it to manipulate the options before clicking OK.
pastespecial|frPresets Presets プリセット
pastespecial|paste_all All すべて
pastespecial|extended_tip|paste_all Pastes all cell contents, comments, formats, and objects into the current document. すべてのセルの内容、コメント、書式、オブジェクトを貼り付けます。
pastespecial|numbers Numbers 数値
pastespecial|extended_tip|numbers Inserts cells containing numbers.
pastespecial|text Text テキスト
pastespecial|extended_tip|text Inserts cells containing text.
pastespecial|datetime Date & time 日付と時刻
pastespecial|extended_tip|datetime Inserts cells containing date and time values.
pastespecial|formats Formats 書式設定
pastespecial|extended_tip|formats Inserts cell format attributes.
pastespecial|comments Comments コメント
pastespecial|extended_tip|comments Inserts comments that are attached to cells. If you want to add the comments to the existing cell content, select the "Add" operation.
pastespecial|objects Objects オブジェクト
pastespecial|extended_tip|objects Inserts objects contained within the selected cell range. These can be OLE objects, chart objects, or drawing objects.
pastespecial|formulas Formulas 数式
pastespecial|extended_tip|formulas Inserts cells containing formulae.
pastespecial|label1 Paste 貼り付け
pastespecial|no_shift Don't shift 移動しない
pastespecial|extended_tip|no_shift Inserted cells replace the target cells.
pastespecial|move_down Down 下へ
pastespecial|extended_tip|move_down Target cells are shifted downward when you insert cells from the clipboard.
pastespecial|move_right Right 右へ
pastespecial|extended_tip|move_right Target cells are shifted to the right when you insert cells from the clipboard.
pastespecial|label4 Shift Cells セルの移動:
pastespecial|link As Link リンクとして
pastespecial|extended_tip|link Inserts the cell range as a link, so that changes made to the cells in the source file are updated in the target file. To ensure that changes made to empty cells in the source file are updated in the target file, ensure that the "Paste All" option is also selected.
pastespecial|transpose Transpose 行と列を入れ替える


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