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filldlg|tuL Time Unit 時間の単位
filldlg|startL _Start value: 開始値(_S):
filldlg|endL End _value: 停止値(_V):
filldlg|incrementL In_crement: 増分値(_C):
filldlg|extended_tip|startValue Determines the start value for the series. 連続データの開始値を指定します。
filldlg|extended_tip|endValue Determines the end value for the series. 連続データの停止値を指定します。
filldlg|extended_tip|increment Determines the value by which the series of the selected type increases by each step. つまり、選択した連続データをどれだけ増やすかを指定します。
filldlg|extended_tip|FillSeriesDialog Automatically generate series with the options in this dialog. Determine direction, increment, time unit and series type.
filterdropdown|more Add row
filterdropdown|less Remove row
filterdropdown|STR_EDIT_SEARCH_ITEMS Search items... 項目を検索...
filterdropdown|STR_BTN_TOGGLE_ALL All すべて
filterdropdown|STR_BTN_SELECT_CURRENT Show only the current item.
filterdropdown|STR_BTN_UNSELECT_CURRENT Hide only the current item.
filtersubdropdown|background Background Color 背景色
filtersubdropdown|textcolor Text Color テキストの色
findreplace|label_action Find Replace Action
findreplace|find Find
findreplace|replace Replace With
findreplace|columns Column
findreplace|delete Delete
floatingborderstyle|none|tooltip_text No Border 枠なし
floatingborderstyle|all|tooltip_text All Borders 格子
floatingborderstyle|outside|tooltip_text Outside Borders 外枠
floatingborderstyle|thickbox|tooltip_text Thick Box Border 太い外枠
floatingborderstyle|thickbottom|tooltip_text Thick Bottom Border 下太罫線
floatingborderstyle|doublebottom|tooltip_text Double Bottom Border 下二重罫線
floatingborderstyle|topthickbottom|tooltip_text Top and Thick Bottom Borders 上下太罫線
floatingborderstyle|topdoublebottom|tooltip_text Top and Double Bottom Borders 上下二重罫線
floatingborderstyle|left|tooltip_text Left Border 左罫線
floatingborderstyle|right|tooltip_text Right Border 右罫線
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