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sidebarcellappearance|cellbackgroundcolor|tooltip_text Select the background color of the selected cells. Wubjerće pozadkowu barbu wubranych celow.
sidebarcellappearance|cellbackground|tooltip_text Select the background color of the selected cells. Wubjerće pozadkowu barbu wubranych celow.
sidebarcellappearance|bordertype|tooltip_text Specify the borders of the selected cells. Postajće ramiki wubranych celow.
sidebarcellappearance|borderlinecolor|tooltip_text Select the line color of the borders. Wubjerće linijowu barbu ramikow.
sidebarcellappearance|linecolor|tooltip_text Select the line color of the borders. Wubjerće linijowu barbu ramikow.
sidebarcellappearance|borderlinecolor-atkobject Border Line Color Linijowa barba ramikow
sidebarcellappearance|linestyle|tooltip_text Select the line style of the borders. Wubjerće linijowy stil ramikow.
sidebarcellappearance|borderlinestyle-atkobject Border Line Style Linijowy stil ramikow
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox|tooltip_text Select a category of contents. Wubjerće wobsahowu kategoriju.
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox General Powšitkowne
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Number Ličba
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Percent Procent
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Currency Měna
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Date Datum
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Time Čas
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Scientific Wědomostny
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Fraction Łamk
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Boolean Value Wěrnostna hódnota
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox Text Tekst
sidebarnumberformat|numberformatcombobox-atkobject Category Kategorija
sidebarnumberformat|decimalplaceslabel _Decimal places: _Decimalne městna:
sidebarnumberformat|denominatorplaceslabel Den_ominator places: _Městna mjenowaka:
sidebarnumberformat|denominatorplaces|tooltip_text Enter the number of places for the denominator that you want to display. Zapodajće ličbu městnow za mjenowak, kotrež so maja pokazać.
sidebarnumberformat|denominatorplaces-atkobject Denominator Places Městna za mjenowak
sidebarnumberformat|decimalplaces|tooltip_text Enter the number of decimal places that you want to display. Zapodajće ličbu decimalnych městnow, kotrež so maja pokazać.
sidebarnumberformat|decimalplaces-atkobject Decimal Places Decimalne městna
sidebarnumberformat|leadingzeroeslabel Leading _zeroes: Zawodne n_ule:
sidebarnumberformat|leadingzeroes|tooltip_text Enter the maximum number of zeroes to display before the decimal point. Zapodajće maksimalnu ličbu nulow, kotrež so maja před decimalnym dźělatkom pokazać.
sidebarnumberformat|leadingzeroes-atkobject Leading Zeroes Zawodne nule
sidebarnumberformat|negativenumbersred _Negative numbers in red _Negatiwne ličby čerwjene
sidebarnumberformat|negativenumbersred|tooltip_text Changes the font color of negative numbers to red. Změni pismowu barbu negatiwnych ličbow do čerwjeneje.
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