English 7uBV4
Context English Upper Sorbian Actions
STR_PRINT_PREVIEW_EMPTY_RANGE Print Range Empty Prózdny ćišćerski wobłuk
STR_UNDO_CONDFORMAT Conditional Format Wuměnjene formatowanje
STR_UNDO_CONDFORMAT_LIST Conditional Formats Wuměnjene formatowanja
STR_UNDO_FORMULA_TO_VALUE Convert Formula To Value Formlu do hódnoty konwertować
STR_UNQUOTED_STRING Strings without quotes are interpreted as defined names or references or column/row labels. Znamješkowe rjećazki bjez pazorkow so jako definowane mjena, poćahi abo popisy špaltow/linkow interpretuja.
STR_ENTER_VALUE Enter a value! Zapodajće hódnotu!
STR_TABLE_COUNT Sheet %1 of %2 Tabela %1 z %2
STR_FUNCTIONS_FOUND %1 and %2 more %1 a %2 wjace
STR_GENERAL General Powšitkowny
STR_NUMBER Number Ličba
STR_PERCENT Percent Procent
STR_CURRENCY Currency Měna
STR_DATE Date Datum
STR_SCIENTIFIC Scientific Wědomostny
STR_FRACTION Fraction Łamk
STR_BOOLEAN_VALUE Boolean Value Wěrnostna hódnota
STR_TEXT Text Tekst
STR_QUERY_PIVOTTABLE_DELTAB The selected sheet(s) contain source data of related pivot tables that will be lost. Are you sure you want to delete the selected sheet(s)? Wubrane tabele žórłowe daty přisłušnych pivotowych tabelow wobsahuja, kotrež so zhubja. Chceće wubrane tabele woprawdźe zhašeć?
STR_ERR_NAME_INVALID_CELL_REF Invalid name. Reference to a cell, or a range of cells not allowed. Njepłaćiwe mjeno. Poćah k celi abo wobłukej celow dowoleny njeje.
STR_ERR_LONG_LINK_FORMULA_NEEDING_CHECK External content disabled. Eksterny wobsah znjemóžnjeny.
STR_TEXTORIENTANGLE Text orientation angle Kut tekstoweho wusměrjenja
STR_SHRINKTOFITCELL_ON Shrink to fit cell: On Celi přiměrić: Zapinjene
STR_SHRINKTOFITCELL_OFF Shrink to fit cell: Off Celi přiměrić: Wupinjene
STR_VERTICALSTACKCELL_ON Vertically stacked: On Wertikalnje staplowany: Zapinjene
STR_VERTICALSTACKCELL_OFF Vertically stacked: Off Wertikalnje staplowany: Wupinjene
STR_LINEBREAKCELL_ON Wrap text automatically: On Tekst awtomatisce łamać: Zapinjene
STR_LINEBREAKCELL_OFF Wrap text automatically: Off Tekst awtomatisce łamać: Wupinjene
STR_HYPHENATECELL_ON Hyphenate: On Dźělenje słowow: Zapinjene
STR_HYPHENATECELL_OFF Hyphenate: Off Dźělenje słowow: Wupinjene
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This translation Propagated Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages
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Translated LibreOffice UI - master/cui/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/sc/messages


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