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textimportcsv|evaluateformulas If enabled, cells starting with '=' will be evaluated as formulas.
textimportcsv|extended_tip|evaluateformulas When this option is enabled, cell content starting with an '=' equal sign is evaluated as formula expression. Otherwise, content is imported as text.
textimportcsv|skipemptycells S_kip empty cells
textimportcsv|skipemptycells If enabled, blank cells in source will not override the target.
textimportcsv|extended_tip|skipemptycells When this option is enabled, Calc preserves previous content of cells when pasting empty ones. Otherwise, Calc deletes content of previous cells.
textimportcsv|label3 Other Options אפשרויות נוספות
textimportcsv|textcolumntype Column t_ype: סוג עמודה
textimportcsv|extended_tip|columntype Choose a column in the preview window and select the data type to be applied the imported data.
textimportcsv|textalttitle Text to Columns מטקסט לעמודות
textimportcsv|label4 Fields שדות
textimportcsv|extended_tip|TextImportCsvDialog Sets the import options for delimited data.
textimportoptions|TextImportOptionsDialog Import Options אפשרויות יבוא
textimportoptions|keepasking Keep asking during this session
textimportoptions|custom Custom: התאמה אישית
textimportoptions|automatic Automatic אוטומטית
textimportoptions|label2 Select the Locale to Use for Import
textimportoptions|convertdata Detect special numbers (such as dates) זיהוי מספרים מיוחדים (כגון תאריכים).
textimportoptions|label3 Options אפשרויות
texttransformationentry|name Text Transformation
texttransformation_type|tolower To Lower
texttransformation_type|toupper To Upper
texttransformation_type|capitalize Capitalize
texttransformation_type|trim Trim
texttransformationentry/cols Columns
texttransformation_type|delete Delete
tpviewpage|formula _Formulas נוסחאות
extended_tip|formula Specifies whether to show formulas instead of results in the cells.
tpviewpage|nil Zero val_ues ערכי אפס
extended_tip|nil Specifies whether to show numbers with the value of 0.
tpviewpage|annot _Comment indicator
tpviewpage|value Value h_ighlighting הבלטת ערכים


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