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sharedocumentdlg|nouserdata No user data available. אין מידע על המשתמש.
sharedocumentdlg|exclusive (exclusive access) (גישה בלעדית)
STR_NO_NAMED_RANGES_AVAILABLE No named ranges available in the selected document
STR_BORDER_HAIRLINE Hairline (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_VERY_THIN Very thin (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_THIN Thin (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_MEDIUM Medium (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_THICK Thick (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_EXTRA_THICK Extra thick (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_DOUBLE_1 Double Hairline (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_DOUBLE_2 Thin/Medium (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_DOUBLE_3 Medium/Hairline (%s pt)
STR_BORDER_DOUBLE_4 Medium/Medium (%s pt)
sortoptionspage|extended_tip|sortuserlb Select the custom sort order that you want to apply. To define a custom sort order, choose Tools - Options - %PRODUCTNAME Calc - Sort Lists.
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|lbuserdef Uses a custom sorting order that you defined in the Options dialog box at %PRODUCTNAME Calc - Sort Lists.
extended_tip|annot Specifies that a small rectangle in the top right corner of the cell indicates that a comment exists. The comment will be shown only when you enable tips under %PRODUCTNAME - General in the Options dialog box.
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Sum סכום
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Count Count
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Average Average
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Max Max
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Min Min
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Product Product
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Count (numbers only) ספירה (מספרים בלבד)‏
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 StDev (Sample) סטיית תקן (מדגם)‏
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 StDevP (Population) סטיית תקן (אוכלוסיה)‏
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 Var (Sample) שונות (מדגם)‏
subtotalgrppage|liststore1 VarP (Population) שונות (אוכלוסיה)‏
SCSTR_UNIT Millimeter מילימטר
SCSTR_UNIT Centimeter סנטימטר
SCSTR_UNIT Meter מטר
SCSTR_UNIT Kilometer קילומטר


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