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Context English Guadeloupean Creole, French (gcf) Actions
navigatorpanel|row|tooltip_text Row
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|row Enter a row number. Press Enter to reposition the cell cursor to the specified row in the same column.
navigatorpanel|datarange|tooltip_text Data Range
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|datarange Specifies the current data range denoted by the position of the cell cursor.
navigatorpanel|start|tooltip_text Start
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|start Moves to the cell at the beginning of the current data range, which you can highlight using the Data Range button.
navigatorpanel|end|tooltip_text End
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|end Moves to the cell at the end of the current data range, which you can highlight using the Data Range button.
navigatorpanel|contents|tooltip_text Contents
navigatorpanel|toggle|tooltip_text Toggle
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|toggle Allows you to hide/show the contents.
navigatorpanel|scenarios|tooltip_text Scenarios
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|scenarios Displays all available scenarios. Double-click a name to apply that scenario.
navigatorpanel|dragmode|tooltip_text Drag Mode
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|dragmode Opens a submenu for selecting the drag mode. You decide which action is performed when dragging and dropping an object from the Navigator into a document. Depending on the mode you select, the icon indicates whether a hyperlink, link or a copy is created.
navigatorpanel|documents|tooltip_text Document
navigatorpanel|documents-atkobject Active Window
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|documents Displays the names of all open documents.
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|contentbox Displays all objects in your document.
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|NavigatorPanel Activates and deactivates the Navigator.
nosolutiondialog|NoSolutionDialog No Solution
nosolutiondialog|label1 No solution was found.
CalcNotebookbar|FileMenuButton _File
CalcNotebookbar|HelpMenuButton _Help
CalcNotebookbar|FileLabel ~File
CalcNotebookbar|bordertype|tooltip_text Specify the borders of the selected cells.
CalcNotebookbar|increaseindent1|tooltip_text Increase Indent
CalcNotebookbar|decreaseindent1|tooltip_text Decrease Indent
CalcNotebookbar|HomeMenuButton _Home
CalcNotebookbar|HomeLabel ~Home
CalcNotebookbar|FieldMenuButton Fiel_d


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