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fourieranalysisdialog|FourierAnalysisDialog Fourier Analysis
fourieranalysisdialog|input-range-label Input range:
fourieranalysisdialog|output-range-label Results to:
fourieranalysisdialog|withlabels-check Input range has label
fourieranalysisdialog|label1 Data
fourieranalysisdialog|groupedby-columns-radio _Columns
fourieranalysisdialog|groupedby-rows-radio _Rows
fourieranalysisdialog|label2 Grouped by
fourieranalysisdialog|inverse-check Inverse
fourieranalysisdialog|polar-check Output in polar form
fourieranalysisdialog|label4 Minimum magnitude for polar form output (in dB)
fourieranalysisdialog|label3 Options
fourieranalysisdialog|extended_tip|FourierAnalysisDialog Produces the Fourier analysis of a data set by computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of an input array of complex numbers using a couple of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms.
functionpanel|insert|tooltip_text Insert Function into calculation sheet Ionsáigh Feidhm i mbileog áirimh
functionpanel|category Last Used Úsáidte is Déanaí
functionpanel|category All Uile
functionpanel|category Database Bunachar Sonraí
functionpanel|category Date&Time Dáta ⁊ Am
functionpanel|category Financial Airgeadúil
functionpanel|category Information Eolas
functionpanel|category Logical Loighciúil
functionpanel|category Mathematical Matamaiticiúil
functionpanel|category Array Eagar
functionpanel|category Statistical Staitistiúil
functionpanel|category Spreadsheet Scarbhileog
functionpanel|category Text Téacs
functionpanel|category Add-in Breiseán
functionpanel|extended_tip|category Displays the available functions.
functionpanel|extended_tip|funclist Displays the available functions.
functionpanel|funcdesc label lipéad
goalseekdlg|GoalSeekDialog Goal Seek Cuardach i dtreo sprice
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