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textimportcsv|label1 Import
textimportcsv|tofixedwidth _Fixed width
textimportcsv|extended_tip|tofixedwidth Separates fixed-width data (equal number of characters) into columns.
textimportcsv|toseparatedby _Separated by
textimportcsv|extended_tip|toseparatedby Select the separator used in your data.
textimportcsv|tab _Tab
textimportcsv|extended_tip|tab Separates data delimited by tabs into columns.
textimportcsv|mergedelimiters Merge _delimiters
textimportcsv|extended_tip|mergedelimiters Combines consecutive delimiters and removes blank data fields.
textimportcsv|removespace Tr_im spaces
textimportcsv|extended_tip|removespace Removes starting and trailing spaces from data fields.
textimportcsv|comma _Comma
textimportcsv|extended_tip|comma Separates data delimited by commas into columns.
textimportcsv|semicolon S_emicolon
textimportcsv|extended_tip|semicolon Separates data delimited by semicolons into columns.
textimportcsv|space S_pace
textimportcsv|extended_tip|space Separates data delimited by spaces into columns.
textimportcsv|other Othe_r
textimportcsv|extended_tip|other Separates data into columns using the custom separator that you specify. Note: The custom separator must also be contained in your data.
textimportcsv|inputother-atkobject Other
textimportcsv|extended_tip|inputother Separates data into columns using the custom separator that you specify. Note: The custom separator must also be contained in your data.
textimportcsv|texttextdelimiter Strin_g delimiter:
textimportcsv|extended_tip|textdelimiter Select a character to delimit text data. You can also enter a character in the text box.
textimportcsv|separatoroptions Separator Options
textimportcsv|quotedfieldastext F_ormat quoted field as text
textimportcsv|extended_tip|quotedfieldastext When this option is enabled, fields or cells whose values are quoted in their entirety (the first and last characters of the value equal the text delimiter) are imported as text.
textimportcsv|detectspecialnumbers Detect special _numbers
textimportcsv|extended_tip|detectspecialnumbers When this option is enabled, Calc will automatically detect all number formats, including special number formats such as dates, time, and scientific notation.
textimportcsv|evaluateformulas E_valuate formulas
textimportcsv|evaluateformulas If enabled, cells starting with '=' will be evaluated as formulas.
textimportcsv|extended_tip|evaluateformulas When this option is enabled, cell content starting with an '=' equal sign is evaluated as formula expression. Otherwise, content is imported as text.


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