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subtotaloptionspage|case _Case sensitive
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|case Recalculates subtotals when you change the case of a data label.
subtotaloptionspage|sort Pre-_sort area according to groups
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|sort Sorts the area that you selected in the Group by box of the Group tabs according to the columns that you selected.
subtotaloptionspage|label1 Groups
subtotaloptionspage|ascending _Ascending
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|ascending Sorts beginning with the lowest value. You can define the sort rules on Data - Sort - Options.
subtotaloptionspage|descending D_escending
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|descending Sorts beginning with the highest value. You can define the sort rules on Data - Sort - Options.
subtotaloptionspage|formats I_nclude formats
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|formats Considers formatting attributes when sorting.
subtotaloptionspage|btnuserdef C_ustom sort order
subtotaloptionspage|label2 Sort
subtotaloptionspage|extended_tip|SubTotalOptionsPage Specify the settings for calculating and presenting subtotals.
swaprows|action Swap Rows Action
swaprows|row1 First Row
swaprows|row2 Second Row
swaprows|delete Delete
tabcolordialog |label1 Palette:
textimportcsv|TextImportCsvDialog Text Import
textimportcsv|textcharset Ch_aracter set:
textimportcsv|textlanguage _Locale:
textimportcsv|textfromrow From ro_w:
textimportcsv|extended_tip|charset Specifies the character set to be used in the imported file.
textimportcsv|extended_tip|language Determines how the number strings are imported.
textimportcsv|extended_tip|fromrow Specifies the row where you want to start the import.
textimportcsv|label1 Import
textimportcsv|tofixedwidth _Fixed width
textimportcsv|extended_tip|tofixedwidth Separates fixed-width data (equal number of characters) into columns.
textimportcsv|toseparatedby _Separated by
textimportcsv|extended_tip|toseparatedby Select the separator used in your data.


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