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ANALYSIS_Mduration The coupon rate Danjowa sadźba
ANALYSIS_Mduration Yield Rendita
ANALYSIS_Mduration The yield Rendita
ANALYSIS_Mduration Frequency Častosć
ANALYSIS_Mduration The frequency Častosć
ANALYSIS_Mduration Basis Baza
ANALYSIS_Mduration The basis Baza
ANALYSIS_Nominal Returns the annual nominal interest rate Wróći lětnu nominalnu danjowu sadźbu
ANALYSIS_Nominal Effective rate Efektiwna dań
ANALYSIS_Nominal The effective interest rate Sadźba efektiwneje danje
ANALYSIS_Nominal Npery Periody na lěto
ANALYSIS_Nominal The periods Periody
ANALYSIS_Dollarfr Converts a price expressed as a decimal into a price expressed as a fraction Konwertuje płaćiznu w decimalnym pisanju do płaćizny we łamkowym pisanju
ANALYSIS_Dollarfr Decimal dollar Decimalny dolar
ANALYSIS_Dollarfr The decimal number Decimalna ličba
ANALYSIS_Dollarfr Fraction Łamk
ANALYSIS_Dollarfr The divisor Diwizor
ANALYSIS_Dollarde Converts a price expressed as a fraction into a price expressed as a decimal Konwertuje płaćiznu we łamkowym pisanju do płaćizny w decimalnym pisanju
ANALYSIS_Dollarde Fractional dollar Dolar we łamkowym pisanju
ANALYSIS_Dollarde The number as a fraction Ličba jako łamk
ANALYSIS_Dollarde Fraction Łamk
ANALYSIS_Dollarde The divisor Diwizor
ANALYSIS_Yield Returns the yield on a security that pays periodic interest Wróći renditu hódnotneje papjery, z kotrejež so periodisce dań wupłaćuje
ANALYSIS_Yield Settlement Wotličenje
ANALYSIS_Yield The settlement Wotličenje
ANALYSIS_Yield Maturity Płaćomnosć
ANALYSIS_Yield The maturity Płaćomnosć
ANALYSIS_Yield Rate Rata
ANALYSIS_Yield The rate Rata
ANALYSIS_Yield Price Płaćizna
ANALYSIS_Yield The price Płaćizna
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