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STR_SVT_NOREMOVABLEDEVICE No removable storage device detected.
Make sure it is plugged in properly and try again.
Fann ingen flyttbare lagringseiningar.
Kontroller at eininga er kopla til skikkeleg før du prøver igjen.
stock _Add _Legg til
stock _Apply _Bruk
stock _Cancel _Avbryt
stock _Close _Lukk
stock _Delete _Slett
stock _Edit _Rediger
stock _Help _Hjelp
stock _New _Ny(tt)
stock _No _Nei
stock _OK _OK
stock _Remove _Fjern
stock _Reset _Tilbakestill
stock _Yes _Ja
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server Servers... Tenarar …
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server|tooltip_text Connect To Server Kopla til tenar
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server-atkobject Connect To Server Kopla til tenar
explorerfiledialog|new_folder|tooltip_text Create New Folder Lag ny mappe
explorerfiledialog|new_folder-atkobject Create New Folder Lag ny mappe
explorerfiledialog|places Places Stadar
explorerfiledialog|add Add current folder to Places Legg til gjeldande mappe til «Stadar»
explorerfiledialog|add Remove selected folder from Places Fjern den valde mappa frå «Stadar»
explorerfiledialog|name Name Namn
explorerfiledialog|type Type Type
explorerfiledialog|size Size Storleik
explorerfiledialog|date Date modified Endringsdato
explorerfiledialog|open _Open _Opna
explorerfiledialog|play _Play _Spel
explorerfiledialog|file_name_label File _name: Fil_namn:
explorerfiledialog|file_type_label File _type: Fil_type:
explorerfiledialog|readonly _Read-only S_kriveverna
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