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Context English Danish Actions
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server Servers... Servere...
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server|tooltip_text Connect To Server Forbind til server
explorerfiledialog|connect_to_server-atkobject Connect To Server Forbind til server
explorerfiledialog|new_folder|tooltip_text Create New Folder Opret ny mappe
explorerfiledialog|new_folder-atkobject Create New Folder Opret ny mappe
explorerfiledialog|places Places Placeringer
explorerfiledialog|add Add current folder to Places Føj den aktuelle mappe til Steder
explorerfiledialog|add Remove selected folder from Places Fjern den valgte mappe fra Steder
explorerfiledialog|name Name Navn
explorerfiledialog|type Type Type
explorerfiledialog|size Size Størrelse
explorerfiledialog|date Date modified Ændringsdato
explorerfiledialog|open _Open Åbn
explorerfiledialog|play _Play Spil
explorerfiledialog|file_name_label File _name: Fil_navn:
explorerfiledialog|file_type_label File _type: Fil_type:
explorerfiledialog|readonly _Read-only _Skrivebeskyttet
explorerfiledialog|password Save with password Gem med adgangskode
explorerfiledialog|extension _Automatic file name extension _Automatisk filendelse
explorerfiledialog|options Edit _filter settings Rediger _filterindstillinger
explorerfiledialog|gpgencrypt Encrypt with GPG key Krypter med GPG-nøgle
foldernamedialog|FolderNameDialog Folder Name Mappenavn
foldernamedialog|label2 Na_me: Na_vn:
foldernamedialog|label1 Create New Folder Opret ny mappe
remotefilesdialog|edit_service _Add service _Tilføj service
remotefilesdialog|edit_service _Edit service Rediger service
remotefilesdialog|delete_service _Delete service Fjern service
remotefilesdialog|change_password _Change password Skift kodeord
remotefilesdialog|RemoteFilesDialog Remote Files Eksterne filer
remotefilesdialog|open _Open Åbn
remotefilesdialog|label1 Service: Service:
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This translation Propagated Translated LibreOffice UI - master/fpicker/messages
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Translated LibreOffice UI - master/cui/messages Fil_type:


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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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da/fpicker/messages.po, string 40