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STR_ERR_PDF_EXPORT_ABORTED PDF export aborted Esportasion PDF abortìa
stock _Add _Zonta
stock _Apply _Àplega
stock _Cancel _Anuła
stock _Close _Sara sù
stock _Delete _Ełìmena
stock _Edit _Muda
stock _Help _Juto
stock _New _Novo
stock _No _Nò
stock _OK _Và ben
stock _Remove _Cava via
stock _Reset _Reinposta
stock _Yes _Sì
pdfgeneralpage|all _All _Tuto
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|all Exports all defined print ranges. If no print range is defined, exports the entire document.
pdfgeneralpage|range _Pages: _Pàjine:
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|range Exports the pages you type in the box.
pdfgeneralpage|selection _Selection _Sełesion
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|selection Exports the current selection. L'esporta ła sèrnita atuałe.
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|pages Exports the pages you type in the box.
pdfgeneralpage|slides Slides: Diapozidive:
pdfgeneralpage|viewpdf _View PDF after export _Vizuałiza el PDF dopo l'esportasion
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|viewpdf Open the exported document in the system default PDF viewer.
pdfgeneralpage|selectedsheets _Selection/Selected sheet(s) _Sełesion/Foji sełesionài
pdfgeneralpage|label1 Range Intarvało
pdfgeneralpage|losslesscompress _Lossless compression Conpresion sensa _pèrdita
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|losslesscompress Selects a lossless compression of images. All pixels are preserved.
pdfgeneralpage|reduceresolution Reduce ima_ge resolution to:
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|reduceresolution Select to resample or down-size the images to a lower number of pixels per inch.
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 75 DPI 75 DPI


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